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These days finding the right 9 passenger conversion van can be a daunting task.

Thankfully, we've got the perfect van for you! Say hello to the 2014 GMC Southern Comfort 9-Passenger Conversion van.

This Southern Comfort comes with all the luxury of home, and spares no expense when it comes to delivering quality at an affordable price.

Today we take a look at this very sleek 2014 GMC Explorer Hi-Top Conversion Van.

For those thinking about jumping into a new conversion for the very first time, the Explorer lineup of conversion vans are at the top of the line when it comes to delivering quality.

Conversion Vans and Racing Fans: A Winning Combination

It is clear that many racing fans travel from track to track during the season. You see their RVs on the highways and byways of America as you travel. You might want to travel to races, but  you do not have the money to purchase a massive RV to travel in.

You should consider what you can do with a conversion van if you are traveling to races.

The racing of bicycles has evolved over the last century into an international sport.

It used to be that short circuit bicycle races, or ?Criteriums,? were the most popular form of road racing in North America. Now famous road faces like the Tour de France have begun to change the focus from speed to distance and duration. As a result, road races today are growing in length as the athletes endurance abilities increase.

The challenges...

The Growing Popularity of Conversion Van Worldwide


Sure, conversion vans have been popular in the United States for years now but did you know they're also starting to take the world by storm as well.

In countries all across the globe, conversion vans offer versatility previously unknown to consumers in these parts of the world. Two areas of the world we're beginning to see more and more conversion van enthusiasm build in recent years in Russia and a number of...

A "Welcome Back" Convesion Van Walkthrough!!!

We hope everyone had a great holiday weekend filled with lots of fireworks and good food off the grill!

In today's conversion van video walkthrough, we take a look at this 2014 GMC Southern Comfort Hi-Top Conversion Van.

This bad boy comes loaded with anything and everything you need to enjoy a great adventure out on the open road.

You can check out the video right here!

Conversion Van Video Walkthrough: 2014 Explorer Low-Top

We've got a special treat for everyone today which comes courtesy of Dave Arbogast Conversion Van Specialist Larry Oaks as he walks us through this 2014 GMC Explorer Conversion Van.

For today's Conversion Van Video walkthrough, we've decided to take a look at this
2014 GMC Explorer All-Wheel Drive Hi-Top Conversion Van.

This is a great van which comes loaded with some great features. It also has one of the sleekest exteriors on the lot.

Take a look for yourself.

A Little Taste of Southern Comfort...Conversion Van Style

Most people have their needs covered by the standard automobile models on the market. Cars, hatchbacks, pickups and even SUVs can handle most transportation issues.

But what if you need to sit nine people comfortably and entertain them at the same time? The answer is customized transport?and the GMC Southern Comfort diesel conversion van fits the bill. 

The interior: stylish comfort with technology

The three-door, nine-passenger vehicle has an interior of cream and brown?