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In today's conversion van video of the week we take a look at this great pre-owned 2010 Chevrolet Explroer All-Wheel-Drive Conversion Van.

This bad boy comes loaded with anything and everything you need for your next adventure out on the open road.

The #1 Conversion Van Dealer in the United States

Did you know earlier this year, Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans, was once again ranked as the Number One Conversion Van Dealer in the  U.S., according to data aggregator Dominion Enterprises?

As in past years, we were recognized for not only our variety and quality of vans,but also for our unwavering passion for customer service. With flexible financing plans, affordable prices and true care taken with regard to all the products and services it...

In today's conversion van video of the week we take a look at the all-new 2014 GMC Explorer Hi-Top Conversion Van.

Not only is this conversion van sleek but it comes loaded with anything and everything you need to enjoy your next road trip in luxury.

As many die-hard enthusiasts of the body style already know, locating a quality used Class B motorhome can be quite the challenge.

Basically, they're hard to find. People love Class Bs and love to hold on to them. Thankfully, we have a team of Class B motorhome specialists at the dealership who specialize solely in locating great used Class B motorhomes at great prices. Those savings then get passed on to all of you...

These days, coming by a quality used Class B motorhome is a challenge.

Basically, they're a very hot commodity right now, especially when it comes to some of the newer brands to come out in recent years. This includes the Winnebago Era.

This week we wrapped a video shoot for a 2010 Winnebago Era X Limited which is in fantastic condition.

In today's conversion van video walkthrough of the week, we take a look at this 2014 GMC Majestic SSX AWD Hi-Top Conversion Van.

The Majestic SSX is truly one of the gems currently available on our lot and we couldn't be more excited to show it off.

Conversion Vans: Not Just for Carrying the Kids Anymore

Beyonce and Jay-Z customized theirs with a $150,000 sound system and hand-stitched Italian leather seats. Tyrese requested Rolls Royce seats in custom pink and beige, and Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler took one to training camp instead of a SUV.

These vehicles aren?t sports cars, SUVs or limousines?they?re conversion vans. In the latest trend, celebrities are getting away from flashy limos and pimped-out Escalades in favor of something that looks more...

The Best Vans for Taking Your Clients Out In

There is something special about going on a road trip or a Sunday afternoon drive in a conversion van. There is a sense of elegance and comfort that is difficult to duplicate with other types of vehicles. That being said, it is the wonderful opportunity of a select few professionals to give clients an experience that will not be forgotten.

There are a number of vehicles to consider. Many new and used conversion vans provide...

Conversion Van Popularity Among NFL Players on Rise!?!?!

Is there a new trend developing in the NFL?

First, we heard that Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler had gotten one, and then we found out that Washington Redskins backup quarterback Kirk Cousins had gotten one. Gotten what, a speedy new receiver or a surgically enhanced bionic arm? No, a conversion van.

That's how trends begin. Cousins is quick to clarify that, though he plays in a city known for Watergate, he didn't...

Customizer Vans: A Quick Overview

Conversion vans offer an unparalleled level of comfort for those who need a home away from home. They are perfect for groups of people who need a spacious vehicle that is safe, comfortable and full of luxuries. Conversion vans are perfect for long trips where ample space is necessary to accommodate several people. There's a wealth of room so vehicle occupants won't step on each others' toes. We all know how difficult long?