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Conversion Vans Have Come a Long Way...

When you think about conversion vans, you might think back on the old vans from the 1970s. With that image in your mind, you might not be too receptive to the idea of investing in one of these vehicles, but you have to understand one thing: Conversion vans have come a long way. Banish the traditional image of these vehicles from your mind and take a look at the features of some of the newer...

2014 Rocky Ridge Conversion Van Overview

The 2014 Rocky Ridge conversion van has a lot of great features for larger families including plenty of leg room, comfortable seats, and a lot of upgrades. This version is perfect for families that want a little style while traveling or comfort on long road trips. It can seat up to seven adults or transform to sleep a few in the back when needed.

Tips on Waxing Your Conversion Van

A conversion van is a great vehicle for road trips, camping, bringing your home on the go with you, and so much more. As with any other vehicle, waxing is one of the best ways to add an extra layer of protection to the paint job and clear coat. Before getting started, be sure to go with a spray wax for your conversion van to reduce how often you need to wax your van. These...

Spring Time is the Time to Buy a Conversion Van

Spring is the time to buy a conversion van. Everyone?s ready to get out and about, especially people who live in places where winter was harsh. Conversion vans are vans with interiors outfitted for special purposes. Many people shopping for a conversion van will turn to the Dave Arbogast Conversion Van Depot in Troy, Ohio. It?s one of the nation?s largest dealerships selling new and used conversion vans.

Tailgating in Your Conversion Van During March Madness

If you are the owner of a conversion van and are also a college basketball fan, you may want to consider using your van to do some tailgating during the upcoming tournament. When most people think of tailgating, they tend to think of pickup trucks. However, what many people do not realize is that conversion vans also have the hookups and features that make for a great tailgating party. Here are some tips for making...

2014 Customizers Conversion Van Overview

The 2014 GMC Hi-Top Customizers conversion van provides one of the best ways to travel on a road trip. Whether you are preparing for a camping adventure or getting reading to hit the beach, a new Customizers conversion van will help to make your experience is even more satisfying. Unlike the average van, the 2014 Customizers conversion van has been outfitted with all of the latest creature comforts. Here are some more facts on this...
This winter turned out to be a tough one on roads throughout the country. With that said, a number of vehicle owners are also now finding their wheels have been caked in soot, street salt  grime and more from the past few heavy snowfalls.

If you own a conversion van, it is important for you to put just as much effort into the tires and their cleanliness as you do with the exterior of the vehicle and the interior of the van as well.
The new generation of video game consoles have come - and like always - we're consistently looking at some of the subtle differences between the two. This time around, it seems as if there are pretty significant pros and cons of each, making the choice a bit easier to make in the minds of many.

However, this may be a bit more difficult choice to make if you're planning on using yours primarily in a...

St. Patrick's Day Weekend Festivities in Dayton, Ohio

With Saint Patrick's Day weekend coming up, Dayton, Ohio residents may be looking for some fun and entertaining festivities that are taking place to celebrate this Irish holiday. From Celtic  dance performances to Irish celebrations complete with corned beef and cabbage, Guinness and green beer, these Dayton events can be enjoyed during March 14th through the 15th of 2014.

Dave Arbogast is the proud owner and operator of the Dave Arbogast Conversion Van, based in Troy, Ohio. The company has been in business for over twenty-five years and specializes in selling a variety of high quality conversion vans, as well as recreational vehicles, travel trailers, watercraft, and more.

While Arbogast certainly has a lot to be proud of with his company, he recently achieved a new accomplishment. He was the recipient of the 2013
Explorer Conversion Van Dealer of the Year Award. The award, which is considered a major achievement within the automotive industry, is given to the dealer who demonstrates the highest levels of customer service and support, who has the most satisfied customers, and who hires the most well-trained, friendly, and knowledgeable staff.