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Review: The 2014 Pleasure Way Pursuit

Looking for a luxury van which won't test your driving or parking skills? That's a tall order.

Some of the more luxurious Class B motorhomes out there are as intimidating to drive and park as a school bus loaded with students.

But a relatively new entry from Pleasure-Way, the 2014 Pursuit, is a big Class B motorhome wrapped in a slightly smaller but still-luxurious package. From the maple interior woodwork to the ceramic...

Conversion Vans and the Outdoorsman

When it comes to hunting and fishing, conversion vans offer one of the best ways to really enjoy hunting and fishing as a family. 

Basically, conversion vans offer the ultimate in travel comfort. They provide a way to keep the whole family entertained as well as of wide range of options being the perfect base camp. It turns outdoor time into family time.

With plenty of room for the family and gear, you can ride...

Decisions: Choosing a Conversion Van Over a Large SUV.

Nowadays, when people are looking into a spacious vehicle to purchase for their families, they'll often look at a sports utility vehicle first.

And while there are definitely some great some great SUVs out there, it may be a good idea to also look at some other options.

One of those options is the conversion van. So why should once consider purchasing a conversion van over an SUV you ask?

Build a Mobile Office in Your Conversion Van

These days, many people have taken to mobile living, and at the same time making a living doing so. With that said, employment is still usually necessary for income.

The best part is even if you own a conversion van, it's not difficult to create your own workstation away from home. With a little ingenuity and creativity, turning part of your conversion van into an office area is a real possibility.

Roadtreking Introduced New and Improved, Updated Blog

Those of you who are familiar with Roadtrek's Class B motorhome lifestyle blog - Roadtreking - are going to be thrilled to it was recently updated.

Packed with features which will help Class B lifestyle fans live their hobby to the absolute fullest, the updated blog is quickly becoming a fan favorite camper van enthusiasts everywhere, especially Roadtrek owners.

Roadtreking has long been an excellent source of information for those Class B owners who travel in...

These days, locating a quality handicap accessible vehicle can be a daunting task for those with special needs.

Finding one with the proper amount of space, functions and features are all very important things to consider when shopping for one.

Thankfully, Majestic Vans has delivering the quintessential handicap conversion van for 2014.

Join Dave Arbogast Conversion Van Specialist Larry Oaks as we walks through the in's and the out's of this new 2014...

Travel In Style: Convert Your Idea of Comfort

"Traveling in style" is a saying which implies many different things.

On the surface, it means going from one destination to another in a vehicle that just plain looks good. It must feature an attractive design, utility that is not overbearing, and features that set it apart from all others on the road. This saying also implies that you are in a vehicle that is comfortable, suited for its needs, and luxurious. When you put...

A Brief Look at the All-New 2014 Winnebago Era

The 2014 Winnebago Era Class B Motorhome is the newest that this company has out. The quality of Winnebago Industries speaks for itself through their annual award winning vehicles, a  record that none other can claim and have yet to beat.

As Class B fans continue to awe over this Winnebago flagship model, they're also discovering many of the amenities it displays go far beyond most Class B models.

The 2014 Southern Comfort Conversion Van is already proving to be a hit amount van enthusiasts.

This classy yet spacious vehicle with plenty of features for the whole family will no doubt be a winner during any long car trips or vacations, or even just provide a comfortable ride for driving children around to their different activities. This 9 passenger van in premium leather has an interior which entices people to want to ride in...
Conversion vans seem to always face one major obstacle: Combining luxury and style without compromising on utility and economy.

The task can be difficult when it comes down to a close inspection of the balance. However, GMC has been able to achieve this goal elegantly with its 2013 Conversion Van. The Explorer 9 is a three-door conversion van that will seat up to nine people without blinking an eye in the space department...