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Black Friday Shopping Made Easy With Your Conversion Van

If you are a diehard shopper, you already know Black Friday is rapidly approaching and your Christmas gift desires will be available for the lowest prices you could ever hope to find on that  Friday right after the Thanksgiving day holiday. Hordes of people wait in line outside in freezing cold weather for days to get a shot at that low-priced big screen television or the must-have video game system of the year. However, if...
With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many are contemplating long road trips to reunite with far flung family. 

The prospect of a long haul on the highway can be rather daunting, especially for those with children. Nothing can make a long drive more of an ordeal than bored and impatient kids. If you are lucky enough to have a conversion van, there are some good strategies for avoiding the boredom and making the miles and...

Awesome Fall Destinations for Conversion Van Owners

Your conversion van isn't limited to spring and summer travel.

Fall is one of the best times to take a road trip. Most tourists are back at home with children starting school and temperatures are dropping.

Take advantage of the empty sights and sleep in the comfort of your own van as you discover the outdoors.

The best part is, we've put together a list of some great destinations. Regardless of whether you're looking to enjoy some fall foliage or head down south to Florida, this list has something for everyone!

Customizers Vans are Here!

That's right.

We now have Customizers Conversion Vans available for sale on the lot. Even more, we're the only GMC van dealer to be working with Customizers.

For those who aren't familiar with the brand, the Customizers Luxury Travel Vans line features seven to nine passenger custom vans. Customizers' vans that are specially crafted to bring travellers more room than most custom van products; purchasers of Customizers Luxury Travel Vans gain about...

What You Should Know About Winter Blend Gasoline.

Few conversion van owners, or drivers for that matter, are aware that the gasoline bought in the summer is quite different from the blend that comes from gas stations in the winter. Interestingly, the composition of gasoline sold in the winter months is chemically distinct and costs less to produce. It is for this reason that gas prices tend to sink in the colder months.

The topic of differently blended gasoline has not made true...

Awesome Fall Destinations in Ohio for Conversion Van Owners

Ohio in the fall is definitely a site to behold. When the trees in the Buckeye state decide it's time to put on their fall colors, it's usually a sign fall festivals and other seasonal events are about to begin.  Lets face it. There is no better way to hit the Buckeye than in a conversion van either.

Overview of the 2014 Pleasure Way Pursuit Class B Motorhome

The 2014 Pleasure Way Pursuit Class B motorhome is slightly smaller than most in the class, but it is not short on luxury. It provides the finer things in life for a trip on the open road. The manufacturer has spent a great deal of time making this vehicle both stylish, functional, and full of quality. Here is a closer look at the Class B Pursuit.

Penalities for Texting While Driving Vary Based on State

Few would disagree texting while driving can be highly distracting and lead to serious traffic accidents.

With just a few exceptions, most states now have laws on their books where law enforcement can fine a driver who is caught texting while driving.

A total of 47 states enacted laws concerning this leading cause of death for teenaged drivers. In fact, Gizmodo recently put together a great...

5 Reasons WHy Your Conversion Van May Be Vibrating While Driving

A relaxing drive with the family is one of the great benefits of owning a conversion van, but a persistent vibration can quickly ruin the fun. The problem can sometimes be easily resolved by  rotating the van?s tires or balancing its wheels, but sometimes the issue is a symptom of a far more serious problem. Vibration is often an issue that creeps up on a conversion van owner. The problem is minor at first...

Conversion Van Themed Costumes Make for Great Dress-Up

This season, it's tempting to be pulled into a drawn-out, involved costume involving a lot of time and expense, but sometimes it's the simplicity of something like the conversion van themed costume that pulls off the day in a way that's memorable and easy.

In fact, some of your favorite pop culture characters had conversion vans.

Scooby Doo always makes a great costume, something easy to achieve with a conversion van themed...