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Awesome Fall Destinations in Ohio for Conversion Van Owners

Ohio in the fall is definitely a site to behold. When the trees in the Buckeye state decide it's time to put on their fall colors, it's usually a sign fall festivals and other seasonal events are about to begin.  Lets face it. There is no better way to hit the Buckeye than in a conversion van either.

Overview of the 2014 Pleasure Way Pursuit Class B Motorhome

The 2014 Pleasure Way Pursuit Class B motorhome is slightly smaller than most in the class, but it is not short on luxury. It provides the finer things in life for a trip on the open road. The manufacturer has spent a great deal of time making this vehicle both stylish, functional, and full of quality. Here is a closer look at the Class B Pursuit.

Penalities for Texting While Driving Vary Based on State

Few would disagree texting while driving can be highly distracting and lead to serious traffic accidents.

With just a few exceptions, most states now have laws on their books where law enforcement can fine a driver who is caught texting while driving.

A total of 47 states enacted laws concerning this leading cause of death for teenaged drivers. In fact, Gizmodo recently put together a great...
A relaxing drive with the family is one of the great benefits of owning a conversion van, but a persistent vibration can quickly ruin the fun. The problem can sometimes be easily resolved by  rotating the van?s tires or balancing its wheels, but sometimes the issue is a symptom of a far more serious problem. Vibration is often an issue that creeps up on a conversion van owner. The problem is minor at first...

Conversion Van Themed Costumes Make for Great Dress-Up

This season, it's tempting to be pulled into a drawn-out, involved costume involving a lot of time and expense, but sometimes it's the simplicity of something like the conversion van themed costume that pulls off the day in a way that's memorable and easy.

In fact, some of your favorite pop culture characters had conversion vans.

Scooby Doo always makes a great costume, something easy to achieve with a conversion van themed...

Traveling in a Conversion Van with a Dog | A Few Tips

For people who are completely devoted to their pet, traveling may come as more of a hassle than a relaxing getaway. Some pet owners opt to leave their animals in a kennel while they travel, whereas others can't even except the idea of leaving their pet in a kennel. The only option for these pet owners is to bring their pet with them or find some trustworthy friend to watch their pet.

Class B Motorhome Video Walkthrough | 2014 Winnebago Era

For today's video walkthrough, Pat Borton of Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans walks through the all-new 2014 Winnebago Era.

The all-new Winnebago Era offers one of the sleekest exteriors out there and comes with a wide variety of features on the inside.

Haunted Area Attractions to Visit in Your Conversion Van!

When leaves change color and there's a distinctly crisp, cool feel in the air, fall is here. With fall's arrival comes the scary, skin-crawling, creepy experiences of haunted places near Dayton.  Take a trip in a conversion van with friends to experience all the hauntingly familiar sights. Revel in bone-chilling, nightmarish experiences found in these unforgettably haunted locations.

The Dayton Area's Best Haunted Attractions

Gather friends in a roomy, comfortable conversion van and take a thrilling fall trip. Dayton has some outstanding Halloween attractions. For even more thrills and scares, travel a short 40 miles south to Kings Island. If a longer adventure is what you're pining for, drive about two hours north of Dayton to one of the scariest attractions in the state, the Ohio State Reformatory, if you dare.

Our Diesel Conversion Van Selection is Growing!!!

A huge selection of diesel conversion vans has arrived at the Dave Argobast Van Depot. We're proud to now offer one of the country's largest selection of diesel conversion vans.

And as usual, we'll not only work hard for to find your the van you're looking for, also do everything we can to ensure you receive a level of customer service unmatched by our competitors.

The many diesel conversion vans that we have in stock all have state of the art safety features, exterior trims, interior technology and sound systems...

While we previewed this video awhile back, we thought we would share it again as it continues to grow in popularity on YouTube.

In this conversion van walkthrough video, Larry Oaks takes a look at some of the exciting features which make the 2013 Southern Comfort Elite conversion van so special.