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 Have you given thought recently into traveling across country? How about tailgating at your favorite sporting event or taking the kids on a camping trip? A Class B motorhome from Dave Arbogast is your ideal solution. In a Class B you get all of the conveniences of a 40 foot Class A motorhome or diesel pusher, without the extreme size, loss of visibility, parking challenges and horrible gas mileage.

When researching and shopping for motorhome's we realize that you are looking for all of the comforts and conveniences of home in a portable package. With a Class B by Roadtrek, Winnebago, or Airstream you get it all. Seating for up to seven people and sleeping for up to four, with restrooms, stoves, sinks, refrigerator/freezers, TV/Home Theaters, and plenty of storage!

Check out our website to view our full inventory of new and pre-owned Class B motorhome's complete with detailed photos of each unit! Feel free to call and speak with a Class B specialist at (866) 975-3287 with any questions, we look forward to speaking with you.

The Super Bowl in a Conversion Van

It's Super Bowl week!

Can you believe it?

I mean heck, I still haven't been able to settle down from all the excitement Sunday's Pro Bowl game filled me with. (Note: hint of sarcasm included.)

The big game is right around the corner and Pittsburgh Steeler and Green Bay Packer fans alike have begun flocking to Dallas. With that said, hotels are filling up quicker than you can say Troy Polamalu's last name.

Probably one of the most talked about aspects of this year's championship game is how expensive everything is. Package deals (including airfare, hotel, and a rental car) are costing upwards of $1,700 a person. That doesn't even include the cost of the tickets.  Heck, some parking spots are even running as much as $1,000!

Considering how expensive this year's big game is, we here at Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans would like to applaud Green Bay Packer fans for both their ingenuity and dedication to the art of mastering Super Bowl accommodations...

Enjoying the Winter in a Roadtrek Motorhome

The snowplow just went by the house again, and I see that another snowstorm is headed toward the East Coast, threatening Boston and New York with 10 inches of new snow.

It's been some winter, hasn't it? Amid local forecasts for a "dry, cold winter", well, they got the cold part right. While there haven't been any 10-12 inch snowfalls, it seems like it snows every other day, and I haven't seen my parking lot since shortly after Thanksgiving.

Roadtrek Class B Motorhome owners don't really care because they know that better days are ahead, with warm temperatures and dry roads, perfect traveling conditions...

Think Roadtrek

Once the weather begins to clear, if indeed winter does ever end, many will turn their thoughts to the road. Where can we go?and maybe more importantly, how do we get there?

My suggestion is always a Roadtrek, the best selling Class B motorhome in America for the past two decades! Let's talk about the 170-Versatile, a vehicle that can take you anywhere you want to go.

The 170-Versatile is the easiest Roadtrek...