Airstream Interstate

The 2016 Airstream Interstate is a perfect way to travel for anyone wanting the adventure of the road and the comfort of home. It provides all the greatest features of big RVs without the cost and gasoline consumption. This Class B motorhome is definitely a way to see the road without sacrificing all the comforts of home.





Comfortable and inexpensive travel is possible with the 2016 Interstate. It is economical and affordable without sacrificing quality, luxury or comfort. Depending on the customer’s needs, there are many different floor plans available. The Interstate Twin is perfect for friends traveling who want the most amenities possible without sacrificing seating. It comes with seven seats, a galley, wardrobe, bathroom and two overhead wardrobes. The lounge can convert into two twin beds for sleeping. On the other hand, the Interstate Lounge Dual Wardrobe has six seats, a galley, larger bathroom, wardrobe, overhead wardrobe and an ottoman. The lounge can transform into one large bed for sleeping.


There are many wonderful features with the Airstream Interstate that will let passengers relax. There is a bathroom, galley and lounge area that can be turned into a sleeping area at night. Common features on the Interstate include:

This Class B motorhome provides ample space and great comfort for travelers. The great features found in the Airstream Interstate help provide the best possible comfort without forcing customers to spend have to spend a ton on a larger, gas-guzzling RVs.

Why an Airstream Interstate?

Traveling in the Interstate is like having a hotel room and car in one, while also saving money. It is much better than traveling by car because it provides excellent amenities, such as bathroom, bed and kitchen. Normal cars are uncomfortable for long traveling and do not offer these great features. In addition, traveling by car on long trips means spending money at hotels for sleep and rest, but the Airstream Interstate is a hotel room, so passengers can save money. Likewise, traveling in an Airstream Interstate is also better than larger RVs because large RVs are costly and use a lot of gasoline.

In addition to saving money, the Airstream Interstate is a wonderful way to see the world and bond with friends and family. Air travel may be fast, but it also bypasses all the wonderful experiences and sights on the way to the final destination. Travelers in an Airstream Interstate can experience more than just comfort: they can experience the world around them.


The 2016 Airstream Interstate is a fantastic way to travel and see the road. It can save customers money from buying larger, expensive RVs or by renting hotel rooms. Plus, with an Airstream Interstate, travelers get the priceless experience of quality time with the ones they love without losing comfort.

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