How to Sell Your Van

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Get a Guaranteed Trade-In Quote with Arbogast Van Depot!

Arbogast Van Depot just added an exciting new service to its website. Now you can receive a guaranteed trade in offer on your conversion van or class b motorhome through the Arbogast website. Getting a guaranteed trade in offer eliminates the guesswork when you’re trying to figure out how much you’ll get in return for your van. You’ll eliminate the hassle of trying to sell the vehicle yourself and receive top value!

How It Works

To find out your van’s guaranteed trade-in value, first go to Once on the site, you’ll have the ability to input your vehicle’s information for a quote. You’ll need to know your vehicle’s make, model, year and mileage as well as its current condition and any special features it has. It only takes a few minutes to get your quote. Once you enter your vehicle’s information and your location, Arbogast will analyzes the information to give you a price based on the amount of demand for your vehicle and the condition of your vehicle.

Benefits of the Guaranteed Quote

A guaranteed quote takes all the guess work out of selling or trading your van. You don’t have to worry that you’ll get a lowball offer or that you’ll have to try to negotiate the value of your trade-in.

Benefits of Selling to Arbogast

Selling a vehicle yourself takes time and effort, and you may also have to deal with scam artists, especially if you’re selling your vehicle through an online classified site or an online auction site. No one wants to spend the time to come up with a listing and most likely re-list it several times before your van sells. You’ll also likely deal with people trying to offer far less than your asking price as well as tire-kickers who may simply waste your time. Selling your van to Arbogast eliminates these headaches.