10 Reasons Why Owning a Conversion Van is Awesome!

January 3rd, 2014 by

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Here are 10 reasons why owning a conversion van is awesome!

10. Price

They?re about the same price as any other basic-level vehicle, whether car, truck, or van, but they’re a lot more comfortable.

9. Size

On average, conversion vans aren?t that much bigger than a large truck or any other vehicle, so parking them shouldn?t be a problem. Drivers don?t have to worry about wide turns or getting up to speed on the highway, neither.

8. Customization

Conversion is in the name after all, and these vans are easily converted to seat 7+ or just 2 for a nice get away. Pull out the middle seats and lay down some blankets for a quick camping set up. These are just tips for stock versions, though. Many companies allow a customer to pick what features they want in a conversion van the same way they choose options on a sedan.

7. Entertainment

Most conversion vans, and especially the high-end models, come with entertainments systems. Watch movies, play video games, or even browse the Internet if the technology is available.

6. Comfort

Search any interior images and one of the first things most people note is that the seats are usually bucket style, leather, and large, especially in front. There is usually a bench seat at the far back and most of them come with cup holders. Sit in them and they?re incredibly comfortable. Best of all, some of them even recline 90 degrees back so you?re laying flat and looking through a sun roof.

5. Celebrity

Some people might let the idea of driving a conversion van over an SUV stop them because they?re not as popular. The problem with that thinking is that plenty of celebrities use conversion vans to travel from one place to another and some even prefer it. This could at least lend some bragging rights.

4. Safety

Although it?s not wanted, sometimes people get careless or have unfortunate things happen to them. Conversion vans meet the same safety regulations as any other vehicle out there, and sometimes perform better, mainly because of their size.

3. Life

Hopefully it doesn?t have to be a choice, but if for some reason a person finds themselves homeless, conversion vans can work as a means for living. This isn?t recommended for large families, or for more than two people, even. But, if push comes to shove, at least a person or people can have a roof over their head.

2. Gas Mileage

Yeah, they?re big and have powerful engines, but many conversion vans have gas mileage performance ratings of large trucks and SUVs. And, as aforementioned, they also have a lot more options and comfort than them, too.

1. Road Trips

What better way to go around the country, or a small part of it at least, than in a conversion van? They?re easy to drive and if the open road becomes boring too look at for whatever reason, there?s the entertainment to follow. Unlike a motor home, there?s no need to hitch a car to the back of this when traveling.

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