2012 Explorer Vans: Big Changes…

June 22nd, 2012 by


2012 Explorer Conversion Vans


Explorer Vans Inc. have brought some big changes to its lineup for 2012 which should strike a chord with the love for technology in any potential owner. Conversion van owners demand and deserve a reliable and heart-stirring vehicle built to their exact specifications. The builders of GM-based luxury conversion vans since 1980, Explorer knows what makes a sublime vacation vehicle.

In today’s auto market where even budget subcompact cars offer jaw-dropping interior tech, Explorer has listened to its customers. The big focus for 2012 is on updated interiors crafted with the modern always-connected lifestyle in mind.

Plush interiors feature redesigned seating promised to be more comfortable and versatile, both during long journeys and when relaxing after a long drive. Interior trim and valances have been thoroughly upgraded, available in a variety of wood grains and color combinations. Explorer Conversion Vans are offered in multiple interior configurations to suit your needs.

The front floor console has been redesigned, creating an intuitive command center for the driver. GM vans feature the brand’s excellent Delphi navigation system as an option. A very welcome new available in-motion rearview camera system shows a wide and clear picture of the road behind. Interior lighting can now be controlled remotely by the driver.

All models now feature USB charging ports and an iPod audio/video connector. Though standard-equipment stereos feature great sound, a new front subwoofer option with its own dedicated amplifier ups the ante even further. Conveniently located 110-volt outlets can accommodate game consoles, chargers or other devices.

Chevrolet and GMC vans now feature OnStar as standard equipment, bringing with it life-saving emergency telematics systems and the ability to request directions live from a real person.

Hi-top models now bring a class-leading home theater setup, turning the rear seats into a luxurious cinema on wheels with a standard Blu-ray player with WiFi connectivity and even an HDMI port to hook up game consoles and other devices. A fixed 26-inch high-definition screen lets you relax and take it all in, perfectly placed to be viewable by all rear passengers.

On the outside, a new optional full front bumper cover helps with fuel efficiency and livens up the appearance quite a bit, especially on the attractive Chevrolet models. New all-chrome side air vents help lend a touch of sport.

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