2013 Chevrolet Conversion Van Review

August 27th, 2013 by

2013 Chevy Conversion VanChevrolet understands that customers who are in the market for a high-top conversion van are looking for more than just space at a bargain price. The styling, design, and ergonomic features  must all maintain delicate balances that are carefully installed in order to create a vehicle that performs at levels well above the competitors.

The 2013 Chevrolet Conversion Van Majestic SSx Hi-Top has done just this, taking all the successes of past conversion vans released by the company and building on them. Knowing that this is true, customers can count of a vehicle that is economical, attractive, and outfitted with all the latest technology that makes any journey one that offers both adventure and comfort.

The core of this van’s strength starts with its engine. This 5.3-Liter, V8 is equipped with all the power needed to reach any destination yet it does not consume fuel at a rate that makes getting there a huge financial burden. Drivers enjoy a smooth 4-speed, automatic transmission that works with a highly refined powertrain. From the engine outwards, the details are a thing of beauty. The interior features an ample amount of cargo space but does not fail to leave out the little niceties that can make all the difference while on a long trip. Cup holders are present for virtually all passengers, and outlets are within the reach of every person in need of charging their personal digital devices. However, the van itself is well equipped for everyone’s entertainment needs. It features an on-board CD and DVD player that works in conjunction with a state-of-the-art Vizio flatscreen. The audio system uses powerful speakers that bring surround sound to life for passengers. Should the drivers need peace and quiet while making their way down the road, there are individual audio head jacks for anyone enjoying the entertainment.

Comfort is not present only thanks to the audio/video components, however. The driver and front passenger can ease into the fully-electric captain’s chairs that work with them as they move from one destination to the next. The same ergonomic design is built into the seating for the middle row, and travelers in the back can stretch their limbs as they enjoy spacious, bench seating. In all, seven passengers will enjoy every moment that they can spend in this finely crafted, luxury cabin. The hi-top ceiling incorporates a sunroof, adjustable lighting, and ventilation for each seat. The environmental controls can be customized for every zone of the interior cabin as well. On the exterior of the 2013 Chevrolet Conversion Van Majestic SSx Hi-Top, minimal styling has been perfectly blended with accessibility and durability. Entering the vehicle requires little effort thanks to the side runners, and the large, chrome wheels give you a sense of pride as you move down the roadway.

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