2013 Southern Comfort Conversion Van for Sale

June 27th, 2013 by

2013 Southern Comfort Conversion Van for SaleThe 2013 Southern Comfort Conversion Van is really turning heads, and this van offers many luxurious features, a particularly large interior and a powerful engine.

The Exterior

The exterior body is exceptionally stylish and sleek, and the van has two doors on each side and two doors in the back.

The van’s bulky bumper provides an enhanced level of safety for the driver and for the passengers.

The Engine

The Southern Comfort Conversion Van comes with a 5.7 liter V8 engine that provides 310 horsepower.

Despite the engine’s high output, the van gets good gas mileage, and the vehicle can run on ethanol fuel.


The interior of this van is stunning, and when people first walk into the van, they feel as if they have walked into a high quality limousine.

The spacious interior of the van offers a wide variety of luxurious features, such as a 31″ television, a DVD player, a GPS navigation system and a premium sound system that rivals the best aftermarket sound systems.

Climate Control

In addition to offering a superb air conditioning unit and a high quality heater in the front, the van provides a complete climate control system in the back.

The Lights

There are many LED lights on the ceiling of the van, and the steps of the van have LED lights as well.

The driver can easily change the colors of the lights by using a remote control, and in addition, the driver can make the lights brighter or dimmer.

Safety Features

The van offers traction control, and it has a camera in the rear that allows the driver to see behind the vehicle when backing up.

The Seats

The van has seven heated leather seats in the interior, and most of the seats are able to fully recline.

The three seats that are in the rear of the van can be converted into a sofa or a bed, and these sliding seats can be removed in order to increase the storage space in the interior.

There are many benefits to choosing the new GMC Southern Comfort Conversion Van. Some of these include the exterior, the powerful engine, the many outstanding features of the interior and the safety features.

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