2014 Customizers Conversion Van Overview

March 21st, 2014 by


The 2014 GMC Hi-Top Customizers conversion van provides one of the best ways to travel on a road trip. Whether you are preparing for a camping adventure or getting reading to hit the beach, a new Customizers conversion van will help to make your experience is even more satisfying. Unlike the average van, the 2014 Customizers conversion van has been outfitted with all of the latest creature comforts. Here are some more facts on this amazing conversion van.

Engine & Transmission

The GMC Hi-Top Customizers conversion van is motivated by a hard-working 5.3-liter, V-8 engine. The robust engine is just as muscular on mountainous roadways as it is on flat highways. The sturdiness of the four-speed automatic gearbox will definitely come in handy when traveling on lengthy trips. The rear-wheel drive platform makes sure that the van remains poised in all driving situations. A special Stabilitrak system enhances the safety of the van by maintaining the optimum amount of traction on the road.


The beautiful paint scheme on the 2014 Customizers conversion van is the first thing that onlookers will notice. The custom 20-inch wheels enhance the curb appeal and the on-road performance of the van. The painted running boards are essential for stepping in and out of the cabin. Everyone will appreciate the accessibility that is provided by the four-door deign.


The inside of the 2014 GMC Hi-Top Customizers conversion van is pure luxury. Before even entering the van, it can be cranked via a remote starter. The passengers will be greeted by premium leather seats that will remain comfortable for the entire journey. The middle of the van features two captain chairs that can be adjusted to a variety of seating positions. The power sliding rear seats can easily be transformed into a sofa or bed.


The entertainment features of the new Customizers conversion van are second to none. The rear passengers will be treated to a 22-inch LCD TV and a built-in DVD player. The rear of the vehicle also features wireless headphones so that no one is disturbed. An LED accent lighting system helps to enhance the overall mood of the interior. The booming stereo system can be controlled by simply using the steering wheel controls.


Although the van is engineered to protect all of the occupants, a back-up camera further enhances its safety profile.

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