2014 Rocky Ridge Conversion Van Overview

April 9th, 2014 by

rocky ridge conversion vansThe 2014 Rocky Ridge conversion van has a lot of great features for larger families including plenty of leg room, comfortable seats, and a lot of upgrades. This version is perfect for families that want a little style while traveling or comfort on long road trips. It can seat up to seven adults or transform to sleep a few in the back when needed.

Basic amenities

Some of the most basic items in this van include the 5.3L V8 engine, the rear wheel drive, and the four speed automatic transmission. It also comes with the Stabilitrak system that gives the vehicle more traction control on rough, icy, or wet surfaces. This is great for those who plan to do a lot of traveling, traversing dirt paths, or going up a lot of hills.

Luxury items

The Rocky Ridge conversion package offers drivers a great deal of glamor and glitz. It has all leather interior seating including captain’s chairs in the first two rows and a bench seat in the back. The trim is a high-gloss, rich wood design that adds even more style and detail to the interior of the van. A 26 inch television keeps passengers entertained easily while the driver uses a back-up camera and navigation to help them get to their destination safely. The exterior of the van is painted a black onyx color and given a wrap with stylish ground accents. It has easy entrance steps, and a premium aluminum grill.


The great thing about this package is that there is plenty of room to entertain during camping and overnight trips. Families have plenty of room to stretch out, play games, and even sleep. The luxury touches really add a lot of class and sophistication to this van. The large television ensures everyone will be able to see the screen no matter where they are sitting. There are enough cup holders for everyone seated in the van and easy gauge readouts. The double rear doors and two passenger doors allow easy access for getting in and out of the van and for stowing cargo.


There are only a couple of drawbacks to the 2014 Rocky Ridge Conversion Van. There is not a huge amount of cargo room when transporting seven passengers, but extra room between the seats offers some extra space. It definitely lacks in gas mileage at under 15 mpg in the city and less than 20 mpg on the highway average. It is necessary to accommodate the large van size, extra weight, and seven passengers, though.

The 2014 Rocky Ridge conversion van package offers drivers class and style with elegant features. It has plenty of room for passengers and is designed to make them extremely comfortable. The van is perfect for larger families, retired couples, and explorers.

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