2023 Explorer Van Conversion Review

April 5th, 2023 by

Follow Conversion Van Specialist Dave Greene as he takes you around this 2023 GMC Conversion Van by the Explorer Van Company. With the Sport Package, this features red accents and the VortecMAX for extra horsepower.

Video Transcripts:

Hi, I’m Dave with Dave Arbogast Conversion Van Sales. What I have here with me today is a 2023 brand new untitled conversion van. This is a GMC Savana 2500 series chassis, is going to be the short van, which makes it a seven passenger high roof example. Limited SE With the package, you’re going to get the enclosed running boards, electronic set plates, 20 inch wheels, road lamps, your step play cover and all the bells and whistles on the inside.

Again, this one is a 2023, does have the new updated fog lamps that Explorer Van Company is using now. Also has the mesh- the black mesh grille on it. Silver in color with the Sport Package. Sport Package is going to get you a little bit of red accents, red caliper covers and some red stitching on the inside.

This one is a 4.3 liter V6 with the eight speed automatic transmission. If you’re looking for an open road vehicle that may save you a little gas and you still have to have something this size, this may be the one you might want to take a look at. Does have the lighted step plate covers, electronic running boards, two-tone interior, does have gray seats with the white stitching.

You’re going to have the dark burlwood dash. It’s going to have your upgraded touchscreen with navigation and all your electronic goodies. Does have 110 volt/12 volt charging throughout the van, USB charger ports everywhere. Does use regular 87 octane gas, so there’s no high test needed. Does have the blackout package on this example, which includes your black wheels, the black trim, the black lettering, as well as the black grille.

It’s also going to have the VortecMAX Package, which is going to add some horsepower and torque to the 4.3 liter V6, making it feel like an old V8 half ton van. Does have a class three with a seven and a four pin connections on your trailer hitch. Does have blinds throughout, and your three-piece sofa bed on the inside. This one here is a gray in color.

And again to get some added sleeping room if you’re extra tall or need the extra length, I can take this captain’s chairs, move them 360 degrees around, and give you extra legroom at that point. And you can see the red stitching on the headrest here is part of the Sport Package, you can also see it on the captain’s chair there.

And pay attention on the captain’s chairs, the seat belts are integrated into the seats. And no matter what position you’re in, when your seat, when your seat belted in, you can be safely traveling down the road, there. Also has side curtain airbags in the rear. 32 inch television above overhead does have the Vista Bay windows, mood lighting.

Your center console does have a DVD player that’s Smart, so you can cast from your phone to the television while you’re on, while you’re on the road. So if you have Netflix or Hulu or an application on your phone, you can use that. Again, silver in color with the Blackout Package. Nice, attractive looking van. See all our inventory at www.GMCconversionvans.com. Thanks for watching.

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