7 Accessories for Your Conversion Van

May 30th, 2013 by

Accessories for Your Conversion VanWhen it comes to accessorizing one’s conversion van, the sky is the limit. Since many owners consider their vans to be homes on wheels, they want all the creature comforts of home with them on the road. As drivers spend more time on the road, they are willing to spend more money to make their vans reflect their personalities. Almost nothing is off-limits when it comes to conversion vans, which is one reason they are so much fun. Let’s take a look at some of today’s more popular accessories.

1. Refrigerators

Who hasn’t been cruising down the road and gotten a sudden craving for a sandwich or favorite drink? Well, that problem’s solved when you put a refrigerator in your conversion van. Also, cconvenient for those weekend tailgating parties before the big game, having a fridge along for the ride can’t be beat.

2. Television

While out on the open road, there’s never a time you’ll miss your favorite television show when you put a television in your van. But these aren’t just plain old televisions, but instead fancy flat-screens up to 22″ wide, and in some recent conversion vans, up to 31″.

Between the refrigerator and the television, you may never have to leave the van again.

3. Sliding Rear Sofa

Remember, you’ve got to have somewhere comfortable to stretch out with that sandwich and drink while watching your favorite show, and a sliding rear sofa fits the bill. Just press a button and have it slide out when you want it, and press the button again later to watch it disappear.

4. Radar Detector

Who’s got time to get a ticket while driving to the big game or Vegas casino? A radar detector lets you know when the police are lurking, and helps you avoid the “blue light special” that’s now available around the next curve.

5. Gaming Systems

While sitting on that rear sofa, why not play some of your favorite video games? Installing a gaming system in a conversion van lets you perfect your skills in time to become a pro by the time you reach your destination.

6. Window and Door Shades

Hey, everyone needs a little privacy now and then, right? Window shades and rear and side door shades let you have some privacy when it’s nap time or time for some afternoon delight, if you know what I mean.

7. Heated Front Seats

Nothing like a pair of hot buns on a cold morning, I always say. Rather than sit down in a cold seat, why not enjoy the pleasure of some heated front seats. After all, they’re sure to make the trip much more comfortable.

With all these accessories in your van, it may take a small army to pry you out.

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