A Conversion Van Worthy of a Pirate!

September 12th, 2013 by

pirate conversion vanSure conversion vans are a lot of fun, but owning a completely customized van can even be more exciting

If you still dream of finding buried treasure and raising the flag on your ship, looking like a real pirate is now a possibility. A San Francisco seller recently posted an add online for his own pirate-themed Chevy van. Imagine the look on your kids’ faces if you picked them up from school in such a stylish van. It’s part of the allure of owning a customized van.

Taking your kids to soccer practice, driving to work and even grabbing groceries is a fun experience when you sit behind the wheel of a customized van. Take this pirate van for example.

Chevy began manufacturing and selling vans in the 1960s, and while its Corvair Greenbrier was a hit, it later replaced that model with the G-Series. This 1967 G-Series model might look a little basic on the outside, but the inside is anything but basic. The first thing you’ll notice is the bright teal blue exterior paint job with bold red accents. While Chevy offered a number of different colors on this model, teal and red weren’t two of those options.

The owner of this van has completely decked it out. On the inside of oit, any pirate lover will find themselves screaming in joy. A vibrant shade of royal purple covers the interior walls, and while you might not think purple is a pirate color, it works nicely with the other pirate elements. Vans from this era often featured a couch in the back that folded down into a bed, and this one is no exception. Chevy and other companies knew that shoppers used these vans as campers. They could recline on the couch as someone else drove, and once they reached the campground, they could use that couch as a bed. The owner of this pirate van turned the couch into a treasure chest. You can clearly see that fake gold accents on the base of the couch, and those accents might make you feel like you’re sleeping on a chest filled with gold.

The owner even took things a step further with accents that you definitely won’t find on other vintage Chevy vans. Have you ever wanted to sleep with a skeleton staring over you? When you fall asleep in this van, you’ll have a pirate skeleton watching over you and protecting your treasure. Don’t forget that the van comes complete with a skull sitting right on the center console, and that skull will keep an eye on your driving.

So remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re a pirate fan or looking to customize your van with another theme; a conversion van is the perfect canvas to do so.

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