A Look at the 2014 Customizers Conversion Van

May 15th, 2014 by

They might not be the first choice that people consider when thinking about purchasing a vehicle, but they should be. Conversion vans are amazingly adaptable to any family’s lifestyle and most of their needs, and the 2014 Customizers Conversion Van is a perfect choice.

customizers conversion vansThe 2014 Customizer’s Conversion Van isn’t weak. There’s a lot of raw power waiting in the 5.3L V-8 engine under the hood. It has four-doors for easy loading and unloading, and comes with a rear-wheel drive automatic drivetrain. At 13/17 mpg city/highway, it’s comparable to a lot of heavy-duty trucks and vans, but with more options.

Firstly, this can comes with an extensive list of standard features. Leather bucket-seats for driver and front passenger? Check. Leather bucket-seats for second row passengers? Also a check. Third-row leather bench seat for a total seating capacity of seven? Check.

There?s also wood-grain paneling, and abundant amount of cupholders, so much that some people might even have a choice of bringing two drinks. Windows are one-touch automatic, headlights are automatic, there’s front and rear heating and air conditioning, heated mirrors, and all of it is keyless entry.

Also, just on the off-chance there’s an accident, because sometimes people make mistakes, the 2014 Customizer’s Conversion Van comes equipped with front and side airbags.

But, what makes this van more appealing than many other vehicles is just how much it can be customized. This isn’t referring to the color of the paint, or the interior colors, or adding an extra floor mat. This is about customizing the van with entertainment systems. Throw in satellite radio and let passengers listen through headphones. Install a television and DVD/Blu-Ray player for entertainment. Want to play a video game? Also, not a problem.

All of it can be stored easily. There are hooks for headphones and charger ports can be added for cell phones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices. Side cribs in the doors and pouches on the backs of seats give plenty of room for books, maps, or whatever else someone wants to store. Most of the seats fold back at least 45 degrees and the back bench seat can drop a full 90 degrees for extra comfort or storage – although there?s plenty of space behind the bench seat without having to fold them down.

Remove the bench seat and two middle-row bucket seats and use the van to haul lumber or other large items. Spread out a layer of blankets and/or sleeping bags and use it to go camping. Watch movies at night or look through windows at the stars.

It doesn’t really matter what an individual, individuals, or a family needs to do, it just depends on what a they want to do. The 2014 Customizer’s Conversion Van is ideal for long road trips, camping, touring the country, or even hauling lumber and equipment, all while providing that perfect blend of comfort and utility

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