A New Addition to Our Conversion Van Family: The 2014 Rocky Ridge

December 18th, 2013 by

rocky ridge conversion vanIn case you haven’t heard the news, Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans has added a new member to it’s van lineup.

Say hello to the 2014 Rocky Ridge Conversion Van!

Arbogast takes their business seriously, and are heavy on the customer satisfaction. This is evident in the fact that they?ve been in business for more than 25 years. Furthermore, they are the preeminent conversion van dealers in the country. Go to Arbogast and find the perfect Rocky Ridge Conversion Van. Doing so means meeting high quality products and excellent service head on.

Rocky Ridge Conversion Van Aesthetics

The Rocky Ridge Conversion Van is a highly valued name in the industry. Their vans are certainly something to behold, and offer many high end options. For instance, the window shades, running boards and floor mats are all color keyed. Customized pintape helps to make the vehicle unique to the buyer?s taste. Fabrics will maintain a long life as they are all easily cleanable, being either Scotch Guard or Weardated brands. Likewise, the carpet is stain resistant. Each van comes with a very nice wood trim package, high gloss, and this trim even extends to the valances and window ledges.

Rocky Ridge Conversion Van Functionality

Not only are Rocky Ridge?s vans visually appealing, but they are also high-functioning. For instance, there are four captain?s chairs, each with reclining capabilities. The rear sofa of the van also serves more than one use as it is able to manually fold down. The center seat pedestals boast a quick release mechanism for easier motility. The interior boasts a wide body construction which gives plenty of space. There are even small touches, such as cup holders near seating areas and a folding clothes rod.

Comfort and safety are also taken into account as these vans offer excellent restraint mechanisms which are certified. Every person in the van will be quite cozy, as there are vents for heating and cooling purposes at each individual seat. The insulation package further provides temperature comfort, as well.

Traveling in a Conversion Van

Conversion vans are excellent ways to travel, and can provide all of the comforts of home. Instead of booking a stay at hotel, save some cash by simply finding a safe place to park. These automobiles offer comfort and convenience, and Rocky Ridge?s vans come standard with the above specifications. However, these vans can be further customized to include all sorts of amenities, right down to the kitchen sink.

Check out Rocky Ridge?s Conversion Vans with the trusted folks at Dave Arbogast. These guys can help to find the perfect set-up for any customer?s personalized needs. This excellent brand coupled with a trustworthy, highly-qualified dealership, allows anyone to drive away with precisely the van that they want and need.

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