A New Look for Conversions…

August 21st, 2012 by

new look for conversions

It’s well-known the emergence of the custom van marked the beginning of the vehicle conversion industry. With custom-painted interiors and high-class materials used throughout, these vans were recognized by the public for both their luxurious features and allure.

Nowadays, the advantages originally only seen in conversion vans is becoming more and more commonplace in the auto industry. Modern buyers want these features on their other vehicles, and conversion trucks have become especially popular.

Conversion trucks include stock features found on standard models but have also been customized to include numerous upgrades to their interiors and exteriors. Conversion trucks are often classified as class eight, or business, category. When consumers want features which aren’t offered by a truck’s manufacturer, other companies are available to add aftermarket upgrades. With the addition of these features, the truck becomes a conversion truck.

With conversion trucks, consumers have an impressive range of options. Under the hood, the engine can be upgraded. For exterior enhancements, ground effects, extended beds and cab door additions are all available. Buyers can even get hauler beds or custom flat beds with storage compartments. Even suspension height can be modified to create a higher or lower ride. Other popular accessories include strobe lights, specialized running boards, lighted grab handles, snow plows, spray-on bed liners and custom paint and trim. With so many possible enhancements, consumers can own a ride that barely resembles the basic model produced by the manufacturer.

Buyers can take advantage of interior features to personalize their trucks and enhance convenience and comfort for themselves and their passengers. Common upgrades include fold-out sofa beds, DVD players, vehicle-wide entertainment systems and captain chairs. Buyers can also purchase matching luxurious upholstery and decor, such as wood trim, curtains, custom leather and specialized flooring that remains clean longer than standard floors. With all these features, conversion trucks resemble luxury vehicles more than practical workhorses.

Truck conversion companies are known as upfitters. These businesses install a wide range of accessories and upgrades that aren’t offered by manufacturers despite consumer interest. With the conversion vehicle’s position as a reflection of owners’ tastes and personalities, many buyers opt for full customization of their trucks to meet all their needs and desires. Modern customization options have made truck ownership more convenient and enjoyable than ever before.


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