A Vacation in Today’s Economy?

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Looking for vacation options in today’s economy? 

Let’s face it. It’s not always practical to fly, stay in a hotel, eat at restaurants for every meal and then have other incidental expenses along the way, especially if you have family in tow!

Believe it or not, there’s an easy solution which is not only cost effective, but practical and convenient as well.

Say hello to the Roadtrek line of Class B motorhomes.

At first, it may sound ridiculous that purchasing a motorhome is your solution, but hear me out. With the purchase of a Class B motorhome, you’re not only building equity in owning an asset, but you also get so much more. Class B motorhomes achieve the same average fuel consumption as a large SUV. In fact, you may already own an SUV now!

Let us go even further into the cost savings. Obviously no plane tickets, but you may be asking yourself, how does that make sense when you still have to pay for gas?

Well, you pay for fuel in the cost of a plane ticket anyways, and when you take the total cost of the flights for everyone and compare it to what you may spend in fuel, the figure may astound you.

You’ll also save money by having your own sleeping arrangements with your disposal. No more hotel expenses. No more stress over hotel cleanliness, or a place messing up your reservations. With a Class B motorhome, your accommodations are your own.

You also have a galley kitchen with a two to three burner range, fridge freezer, sink and microwave! By shopping for your own food and supplies you will save a ton of money right off the bat! Prepare meals yourselves and watch the savings ring up, and no added gratuity expenses!

These are just a few of the areas where you can save money. The great part is its only the beginning of savings, not to mention you’ve made an investment with one of the top Class B brands in the country.

Did you know Dave Arbogast carries more than 40 new and used Classs B motorhomes to choose from? Did you also know we can deliver them at some of the best prices around?

Don’t waste another minute dealing with the competition, go with the best. Visit Dave Arbogast Van Depot today.

After all, our Class B motorhomes are all “driven to satisfaction.”

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