A Winter Survival Kit for your Conversion Van

December 2nd, 2013 by

As a miniature home on wheels, your conversion van has almost everything you need for a fun vacation. If you travel during the winter, it’s always good to have a winter survival kit on hand. Blizzard conditions, slick roads or a basic flat tire can leave you stranded for hours. Add a few key items into your van to survive comfortably in almost any emergency.

Food And Water

You don’t need to haul a dozen food cans in your car. Fill a large, plastic bag with non-perishable items. Energy bars, candy bars, granola bars, raisins and nuts are all good choices for a survival kit. Don’t forget the water. Add a case of bottled water to your van to keep everyone hydrated.

First Aid Kit

Antiseptic, gauze, bandages and a cold press are all smart additions to any first aid kit. Even add a pocket knife to cut material, if necessary. If anyone is bleeding, a first aid kit may save their life.

Flares And Whistle

If you are in distress, gaining anyone’s attention is crucial to rapid rescue and recovery. Place flares and a whistle in your survival kit. Use both warning signals together to attract law enforcement help.

Keep Warm

Add extra gloves, socks and hats to your kit to keep everyone warm. Keeping a blanket on hand is another way to warm up. You can cuddle beneath the blanket for warmth as body heat creates an oasis from the cold. Dry matches and candles are a smart kit selection as well. You can use them to light your van, and heat it slightly, to avoid wasting your battery’s charge.


A windshield scraper gets that pesky ice off of the glass for better vision. If you cannot see well, you may have an accident on dark, winter nights. Bring a shovel as well. If you find your van sinking into some thick snow, the shovel is there to release the tires before they are sucked any lower.

Where To Put It All

Conversion vans have many hidden storage areas. Place your kit under a bed or seat. Find an open cabinet for easy access. You do not want to put it in a locked box or outside compartment. If the area is damaged or frozen, you cannot open the space for the critical items. Place some of the items in a glove compartment for quick access as well.

Keep as many items as possible in your conversion van to survive a cold winter day and night. Accidents happen everyday and you want to be the one that avoids any dire problems, from frostbite to dehydration.

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