After a long winter, your van tires likely need some TLC…

March 17th, 2014 by

conversion van tiresThis winter turned out to be a tough one on roads throughout the country. With that said, a number of vehicle owners are also now finding their wheels have been caked in soot, street salt grime and more from the past few heavy snowfalls.

If you own a conversion van, it is important for you to put just as much effort into the tires and their cleanliness as you do with the exterior of the vehicle and the interior of the van as well. Cleaning the tires on your conversion van can sometimes be a difficult and messy job, but these tips should help you to get the work done in a more efficient manner.

Start with Fresh Water and Soap

Many car wash professionals advise to clean the tires and rims of the vehicle first before washing the rest of the van. This is due to the fact that the wheels and rims are most likely going to be the dirtiest part of the car. You might put effort into washing the entire van and then find out that you’ve splashed mud and dirt all over it again when cleaning the wheels.

One of the first steps to cleaning your van’s wheels would be getting a bucket full of lukewarm water and car washing liquid. Using both a microfiber sponge and a scrub brush, dip these things into the soapy water and just scrub the tires and rims. Don’t be afraid of getting water into the wheel area, as this is something that is normal for your van to begin with. The microfiber cloth will enable you to reach into those difficult areas and the scrub brush is ideal for clearing away heavy grime. Try to avoid using anything too abrasive like a steel wool pad. This type of product can scratch your rims terribly when it is used on them.

Rinse the Wheels and Rims, Wash Again

Once you are done cleaning the wheels and rims, it is a good idea for you to rinse them with cool water until you cannot see soap on them any longer. If you notice that there are spots that you missed, just use fresh soapy water and your microfiber sponge to clear the dirt and mud away. If there is a spot of dried-on mud that will not come off, you might want to soak the area with water for a few minutes before attempting to remove the debris.

Wax and Shine

Using either a tire wax or shine spray, give your wheels a quick spritz so that they can shine brighter than you’ve ever seen before. It is a good idea to allow your wheels to dry completely before you use a tire shine spray, since the product will be more effective if the wheels are completely dry before using. Your wheels and conversion van will look gorgeous once you have put the effort into caring for the wheels and rims.

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