Arrive in Style in a Luxurious Conversion Van Limousine

October 15th, 2012 by


The conversion van has been a traditional favorite for family vacation travel for years now.

However, with today’s electronic conveniences and luxurious furnishings, the conversion van also makes an ideal limousine for business travelers. Because the conversion van usually has a raised roof, passengers enjoy not only the extended leg room of a van, but also greater head room for ease of movement in the passenger compartment as well.

The limousine conversion van is equipped with a privacy glass partition to provide a quiet and confidential ride. The on-board intercom allows for communication with the driver if necessary. Passenger can relax and enjoy a movie on the high definition televisions while traveling to their destination. Most limousine conversion vans are loaded with features. They come equipped are equipped with Blu-ray players, surround sound stereo systems and several strategically-placed television screens.

Swivel leather captain’s chairs provide an ideal setting for last-minute preparations before meeting with clients. Seats may also be equipped with massage and heat features, or may recline for a more comfortable ride. These premium features provide a level of luxury that will be appreciated by today’s busy business travelers. With their hectic schedules, business clients will welcome a chance to unwind prior to the day’s work.

The flexibility of the van conversion process is ideally suited to the needs of the limousine industry. Units may be equipped with mini-bars or refrigerators to enhance the passengers’ comfort. Privacy window tints and shades create a quiet retreat from the outside world and boost the viewing environment. The quiet darkened interior is perfect for a catnap on the road while stretched out in the reclining seats.

Ports for laptop computers, cellular phones and other electronic devices can be added to create a mobile executive office. Plush carpeting and exotic wood accents further contribute to the comfort and attractiveness of the conversion van limousine. Even fold-down tables may be added to accommodate the needs of passengers.

While the limousine conversion van is the perfect transportation method for business travelers, it is equally at home conveying celebrants to their destination. For bachelor parties or prom night, the van limo provides ample room combined with all the amenities of a traditional limousine. With adjustable LED ambient lighting and other impressive features like moon roofs, any group will arrive in style to the big event. The level of comfort and luxury of a conversion van limousine is unmatched by any other form of vehicular transportation.

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