Awesome Fall Destinations for Conversion Van Owners

November 13th, 2013 by

Your conversion van isn’t limited to spring and summer travel. Fall is one of the best times to take a road trip. Most tourists are back at home with children starting school and temperatures  are dropping. Take advantage of the empty sights and sleep in the comfort of your own van as you discover the outdoors.

Grand Canyon

Although it may seem like a cliche, the Grand Canyon is a perfect place to visit in the fall because you don’t have to fight the crowds. With limited visitors and sweltering heat subsiding, reserve a camping site to secure a good parking spot as you discover this National Park in the morning. The autumn sunlight strikes the canyon at differing angles, making this vacation a picture perfect choice.

San Diego

If you are holding onto summer, drive down to San Diego. With warm temperatures well into November, you can discover the local beaches and seaside amusement park without huge crowds. Visit the zoo or walk around the downtown district for evening music and entertainment. Conversion vans can park in designated parking or camping areas when it is time for some rest.

Yellowstone National Park

Reserve a camping spot in Yellowstone during the early fall. With Old Faithful erupting well before winter sets in, you can sit in a front-row seat free from large crowds. You’ll be able to ask the rangers many questions as you immerse yourself in nature. Take a tour around Yellowstone in your conversion van. The park is extremely large, allowing you to drive for miles in comfort while exploring its borders.

Fall In Ohio
Visit Columbus or Dayton, Ohio to see the leaves change color. From striking reds to deep browns, Ohio offers some of the best fall foliage around. Enjoy Columbus’s vibrant downtown at night or visit Dayton’s aviation museum by day. With the cool, crisp air, Ohio offers many camping sites among the fall foliage, making this vacation destination perfect for conversion vans.

Key West, Florida

Take one of the most unique drives of your life to Key West, Florida. As you drive through the Florida Keys, you’ll find Key West at the very end of the freeway. Find a seaside camping site and enjoy the warm, tropical weather. Bask in the sunshine and visit the local shops on foot to get a taste of this unusual destination.

International Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque, New Mexico holds a yearly event with hundreds of balloons gracing the skies. Reserve your camping area early in the year to see hot air balloons rise from the ground in an electrifying scene.

Conversion vans give you the freedom of bringing home with you without driving a bus down the road. Gas up your van and head out into the fall sunlight for exciting events throughout the country

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