Bringing the Comfort of Home to the Road: 2014 Pleasure Way Pursuit Overview

November 26th, 2013 by

pleasure way pursuitWhen an RV manufacturer first ventures into making a new model, the results can be mixed at first.

Typically, some time is needed to get a feel for the design and to work out all of the kinks. This common expectation is not the case, however, for Pleasure-Way Industries Limited. The Canadian-based producer of RVs and motorhomes has come out with a resounding success for their first Class B Plus design.

The all-new 2014 Pleasure Way Pursuit sets the bar high for vehicles of this size and weight, delivering outstanding amenities and durable design in every aspect.

The release of the Class B Plus motorhome was a long time coming for this well-established company. They developed the design for the Pursuit based on years of feedback from valued customers who have already taken advantage of the quality RV models which have produced in the past. The Pursuit is a Class B Plus motorhome which is slightly larger than your average Class-B motorhome in terms of dimensions and interior space. This model is meant to fill the needs of customers who are looking for just a little bit more in an RV without wanting to make the full transition up to the next class of vehicles.

Using the well-respected Ford E350 Chassis as its base, the Pursuit rolls out 22 feet of comfort and luxury while still maintaing respectable gas mileage. The construction is completely solid, as one would expect from this Canadian manufacturer. It is built using fiberglass in conjunction with a full-steel cage. The roof is made entirely from one piece of fiberglass, ensuring that no leaks will present problems over time. Every detail down to the paint job itself emphasizes the luxury and unique design that makes the Pursuit the gem that it is.

The interior continues to impress as one places their eyes on the maple, hardwood finishes. The moldings are custom-fitted, and all of the woods are solid material. The seating spares no element of design elegance, featuring plush leather seating in the rear of the home. Additionally, no element of the space is sacrificed for the visual sake of another. Even the bathroom is impressive beyond expectations. It features ample room, a skylight, cabinetry, a vanity area, and corner shower to top things off. The standard features for this motorhome are just as enticing as the space that first greets you on the interior. It comes with a standard backing camera, iPod and USB connections, a Blue Ray player, Wifi connections, and a six-foot, stainless steel refrigerator. All the comforts of your home on solid ground have been elegantly laid out in your home on four wheels.

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