Build a Mobile Office in Your Conversion Van

October 3rd, 2013 by

These days, many people have taken to mobile living, and at the same time making a living doing so. With that said, employment is still usually necessary for income.

The best part is even if you own a conversion van, it’s not difficult to create your own workstation away from home. With a little ingenuity and creativity, turning part of your conversion van into an office area is a real possibility.


Many office devices need electricity to operate, and there are many ways to get power. Using the vehicle’s engine battery is possible, but not the best option for several reasons including lower output and heavy draining. Getting a separate battery is the most common way to get electricity. A typical wet cell battery is inexpensive but not very efficient and needs routine  maintenance. Gel batteries or Absorbent Glass Mat batteries have higher power output and can be charged and discharged many times without trouble. It is advisable to have a small generator for extra power or charging a drained battery.


Most conversion vans already have a table built into them, which can very easily serve as an office desk. If the table is not near a seat, a small office chair may be added. Filing cabinets and shelving units come in compact sizes and would be great to have in a mobile office for organization and storage. While not an essential item, boards can serve as places to put quick notes for easy viewing. Combination white boards and cork boards are the best option, or purchase individual smaller ones and put them side by side.


The most common office gadget is a computer. Depending on business needs a small printer would be essential, and all-in-one scanner with copier is more versatile. Telephones are typically mobile these days, and include features such as conference calling to two or more numbers. The Internet can be accessed through a computer with a Wi-Fi signal from a stationary location or independently accessed with a broadband dongle. Many cell phones also have internet capabilities and can be connected to a computer to share the signal. It is also possible to get internet through a satellite, but this requires an outdoor receiver and a clear signal to the sky without interference from clouds, trees, buildings or other such blocks.


Be sure that everything is secured to a stable surface, whether it be the floor, a wall or even the ceiling. Don’t overlook little things like the garbage bin which could spill trash all over while driving. Things like pencil holders, letter boxes, device power chargers and other small items should be tucked away into locked drawers or boxes when the vehicle is in motion. Not only does this help with safety, but reduces clutter and keeps things organized, which can reduce stress when in a hurry to get something accomplished.

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