Camping With a Conversion Van: Basic Necessities for Setting up Your Campsite

September 1st, 2015 by

Camping with Conversion Vans | Dave Arbogast

Camping is a great way to get away from it all and enjoy the outdoors. Sometimes you just want to pack up and take off to somewhere exclusive. Conversion Vans have plenty of room to haul the family along with all of the camping necessities. Price is always a factor when considering purchasing camping accessories, but you do not want to be too cheap. Quality of camping accessories and price go hand in hand. There are many accessories to choose from for camping with your conversion van, so let’s start with some basics.

Tent – Unless you plan on sleeping in your conversion van, which is possible with rear folding sofa beds, you will want a tent with enough capacity to allow for extra guests. You never know when you will need some extra room, especially when you need to move stuff out of the rain (hopefully you will avoid the rain!).

Water Purifier – Having clean water to drink is extremely important. You do not want to risk dehydration, especially if you are camping a far distance from civilization. There are many methods and types of water purification devices available. The highest recommended purifier utilizes UV light to make fresh water.

Folding Chairs & Table – Folding camping chairs are great, especially the nylon ones that fold and easily store in a bag. They are light weight, dry quickly, and don’t take up very much space when folded up. A folding table isn’t necessarily a necessity, but they are convenient when it comes to meal preparation and actually enjoying your meal.

Awning – An awning is perfect for setting your folding tables and chairs underneath. A free standing awning is great for shading the sun and getting out of the rain. Some Camper Vans have awnings attached directly to the side of the van. This makes for a great dining and food preparation area.

Coolers & Ice – A cooler with plenty of ice is a must, you do not want perishable items to spoil. Keeping your ice in resealable plastic bags allows you to use the ice in cups for beverages.

Tarps – Tarps are important when you need to make a sun or wind screen. Tarps are also great for covering supplies, chairs, or tables during a rain event. If you happen to get a hole in your tent, you can use a tarp to divert the water from flooding your tent.

These are just a few basic necessities for setting up your campsite while camping with a conversion van. There are many camping “hacks” for making life easier while camping with simple household items you wouldn’t necessarily think of.