Don’t Be Overwhlemed Choosing a Class B Motorhome: Check Out the Era.

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Choosing a recreational vehicle can be an overwhelming process. Dave Arbogast Vans can help streamline that with a wide selection of Winnebago Era motorhomes. Travelers can be free from restrictive airline policies, tight schedules and expensive hotel rooms once they become proud owners of their own camper van.

There are no special requirements for driving a Class B motorhome in the United States. As long as the driver holds a valid license, they are qualified. Measuring 24 ft lengthwise, the Winnebago Era line measures about the same as a sport utility vehicle towing a moving trailer. Less than 6.5 ft wide and under 10 ft tall, parking and low clearance are nothing to worry about.

Camper vans have come a long way since being introduced in the 1920s. That is made clear by the beautiful, modern interior of the Winnebago Era motorhomes. Two themes, Metro and Fusion allow customers to select a style that truly reflects their personality. Warm cherry paneling runs throughout the vehicle, truly making it feel like home.

In the lounge area, not only does the sofa have seat belts for safety, it is powered and opens into a bed. Rotating cab seats make it possible to enjoy dinner or play a game with other travelers on a movable table. Even more entertainment is available with the 22 inch LED television that swivels to be easily seen anywhere in the vehicle. A television is no good without something to watch, so Winnebago has included a CD/DVD player and amplified antenna in its entire Era line.

Save money on food expenses while traveling with the two burner range top and microwave oven. A refrigerator/freezer will keep perishables fresh and a sink with collapsible faucet will make cleaning up a breeze. A bath cabinet allows for privacy while a flexible shower head makes bathing easy. If storage is important, the quick-release companion seat can be replaced with an optional wardrobe.

The Winnebago Era line of motorhomes brings all of the fantastic qualities of Winnebago products to the market in a sleek and flowing exterior.

The employees at Dave Arbogast Vans can assist a customer with choosing one of the beautifully designed and quality engineered Winnebago Era motorhomes to help their traveling dreams come true.

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