Chicago Blackhawks Immortalized in Van Mural

September 11th, 2013 by

chicago black hawks conversion vanDiehard sports fans spend millions of dollars every year buying tickets to their favorite games and decking out their homes and their bodies with clothing, furniture and other items.

Many fans even have certain rituals that they follow during each game. If they sat in one spot on the couch when their team won, they have to sit in the same spot for each subsequent game. Other fans find that they want to share their pride in their favorite teams with others, and some go the extra mile to let others know how they feel. This is especially true of the fan who immortalized the Chicago Blackhawks in a creative van mural, making it one of the coolest conversion vans on the road.

Professional sports teams now sell the right to use their logos and names on hundreds of products. Fans can deck out their cars with officially licensed seat covers, mud flaps and even steering wheel covers. The van now making its way around Chicago isn’t an officially licensed product, but people still stop and stare when they see the van driving down the road.

Chicago has bad luck when it comes to professional teams. While the White Sox and the Bulls never seem to face any problems, teams like the Cubs and the Bears never seem to gain any traction. The Chicago Blackhawks struggled through a few bad seasons before bouncing back with a vengeance. Some thought the team’s first Stanley Cup win was a fluke, but the hockey team later won the Cup a second time. Those two wins occurred within just four short years, leading fans to show their love and support in some unique ways. While some are content watching the games in person, the fan driving this van wanted to show his support in a fun and unique way.

Looking like something that just rolled out of the 1970s, this van features the team that won the 2013 Stanley Cup. The driver painted a number of players from that team on the side of his conversion van, including Duncan Keith, Corey Crawford, Jonathon Toews and Andrew Shaw. Witnesses report mixed feelings about the van. While some think it’s the best thing they ever saw, others think the fan went a little too far. No matter what people think about the van, it certainly gets them talking.

Those who peer a little closer at the van will find a special message for Detroit Red Wings fans scrawled across the back. The Red Wings and Blackhawks share a long time rivalry, and that message lets fans know exactly where the driver of this van sits on the lines of that rivalry. While in the Chicago area, visitors and locals should keep their eyes peeled for this unique tribute.

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