Class B Traveling As a Hobby: The Adventures Are Endless

January 8th, 2013 by


Class B traveling


Imagine traveling wherever you want, sleeping in your own bed and yet still having the ability to park your vehicle in an average city spot. 

Welcome to the world of traveling in a Class B motorhome.

While a Class B may be the smallest of the RV classes and often referred to as a camper van, there is much more to them than meets the eye. Class Bs are easy to drive since they start out life as a normal sized van, and they get much better gas mileage than most other types of RVs.

Hobby travel in a Class B allows you to hit the road when the mood strikes. By keeping the vehicle stocked with necessities, you can pack up extra groceries and clothing and quickly get started on your next adventure. These vacation vehicles are rugged enough for driving on unpaved country roads yet highly maneuverable within the confines of a big city. Basically, you can travel to the wilderness or the metropolis with ease.

Traveling can be a mind-broadening experience. You leave behind comfortable routines and expectations and wind up experiencing new foods, new environments and engaging with people from a variety of backgrounds. Travel fires up your brain as you step from your daily life into a few days or weeks of an absence of the normal. It’s almost a return to a primitive way of life as you learn to forage for local foods, seek daily shelter and discover hidden treasures and possibly dangers in a new environment.

Whether you travel once a month or once a year, part of the fun can be the planning. Where will you go? What new adventures will you experience? What will your surroundings be like? Some travelers enjoy structuring their time to the minute. These people want to know where they’re going and what they’re doing at all times. More free spirited folks enjoy the unexpected aspects of not planning. They’re most happy with putting the key in the ignition and tossing the coin for a destination. One of the beauties of Class B travel is spending the night wherever you find yourself, whether it’s a planned location or not.

Travel doesn’t have to be about being gone for long periods or going to some exotic place halfway around the world. Some of the most meaningful travel experiences can be found within a few hundred miles from home. Most residents of an area have not completely explored their own locality and are often amazed at how much wonder they’ve overlooked by traveling further distances. Weekend trips can be as rewarding as month long vacations.

Hobby travel encompasses a wide range of possibilities. The open road beckons. Grab the keys to the Class B and take advantage of it.

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