Conversion Van Care – Maintenance 101

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For many maintaining their conversion van is one of the most financially stressful aspects of vehicle ownership. Unlike repairs, when maintenance is done right the result is that there is no change in how your vehicle functions. It’s a necessary evil but it can be hard on both wallet and mind.

Deciding what type of service your conversion van needs adds to the issue. Most vehicles have maintenance recommendations for normal and “severe” duty. However, most people are not aware of what constitutes normal versus severe duty and which one applies to their vehicle.

Severe-duty maintenance schedules are intended for vehicles that undergo more stress than usual. Some circumstances which can cause a vehicle stress are things like off roading which is physically hard on the vehicle and involves more airborne contaminants, or starting and stopping a lot. Excessive idling and frequent, short trips of less than five miles or so are also considered stress on your van.

The owner’s manual usually specifies how often your vehicle should receive maintenance and is the best authority on the matter. Newer conversion vans have less complicated maintenance schedules because there are fewer parts that need replacing or maintaining. Some modern vehicles even have on-board computers that will provide an overview of how the conversion van was driven so that a customized maintenance plan can be used.

Maintenance after the warranty is up is still a good idea but maintenance within the warranty period is absolutely essential. Your vehicle’s warranty and the warranties on any parts that should be regularly serviced may be void if you do not have these services done. The fine print on most warranties requires servicing at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals in order for the warranty to remain valid.

If your owner’s manual has a complicated schedule of required maintenance, try mentally breaking the list down into a series of repeated services at regular intervals. Most people will find that maintenance is required at regular intervals with the occasional odd service recommended on another schedule. These services can usually be done early if you want to take your conversion van in on a regular schedule.

If you have questions about your conversion vans maintenance schedule, check your owners manual or call Arbogast Conversion Vans.

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