Conversion Van or Custom Van? Same thing or different?

April 6th, 2011 by


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Most people who are familiar with the conversion van industry, refer to these vans as being custom vans, however they would be right and wrong. A conversion van is a customized version of a large passenger van. Upgrades made to a regular van chassis are referred to as conversion such as high top vans with additional interior head room, large flat screen TVs, gaming systems, power fold down rear sofas, overhead storage and lighting.

A custom van is in essence the same thing; however a fully customized van goes a few steps beyond what you know as a conversion van. These van included dog show vans with built in cages and grooming areas. They also include mobility vans with numerous options for handicap accessibility. Custom vans are just that they are conversion vans that are customized beyond the standard available features offered.

At Dave Arbogast Van Depot in Troy, Ohio, they have resources and manufacturers to design for you from the bare frame up the exact conversion van that you dream about. For whatever needs and desires you have, they are able to take them and create a custom conversion van for you. Whether you need an office on wheels, vans usable as limousines, people moving vans, and vans designed for tailgating at your favorite sporting events.

So in a nutshell, conversion vans are custom vans and vice versa, there are just different levels of conversion and customization. The sky is the limit, and the specialists at Dave Arbogast can help you reach the sky and design the ideal van for your needs. If you would like any further information regarding customizing a conversion van, give one of their experts a call at (866) 975-3287, they would love hearing from you and help getting you on the road to owning your new conversion van!

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