Conversion Van Review: 2013 Explorer 9-Passenger Conversion Van

September 18th, 2013 by

2013 Explorer 9-Passenger Conversion VanConversion vans seem to always face one major obstacle: Combining luxury and style without compromising on utility and economy.

The task can be difficult when it comes down to a close inspection of the balance. However, GMC has been able to achieve this goal elegantly with its 2013 Explorer 9-Passenger Conversion Van. The Explorer 9 Passenger is a three-door conversion van that will seat up to nine people without blinking an eye in the space department. It opens its doors to a cabin full of amenities without leaving buyers concerned over the performance of the van as a whole.

With any conversion van, it is important to start under the hood. Here is where you can get a feel for power in addition to how much gas it is likely to take in order to keep that power moving. This Explorer 9-Passenger conversion van comes equipped with a 6-Liter, V-8 engine, giving it the capability to move some serious weight without needing to depend on a hefty gas tank. The 6-speed automatic is extremely friendly to drivers, making any trip, long or short, one that feels natural and is pleasurable. As you move away from the heart of the vehicle, buyers can continually be reassured. The chassis is solid and based on trusted GMC engineering of the past, and the Stabilitrack system makes driving in virtually all conditions an activity that does not put passengers at risk.

When styling comes to the table, GMC again succeeds like no other conversion van on the market. Premium Chrome wheels, a refined grill, and deep metallic shades with draw in the eye on the body exterior make this particular model a thing of beauty. In addition to settings the standards extremely high in terms of aesthetics, the interior does just as well. Starting in the driver’s seat, the navigator will feel nothing but comfort. Nearly every aspect of the interior from environmental controls to entertainment options are within their command, not to mention impressive navigational features. As you move towards the rear, the pampering does not stop. Full-leather seating, reclining capability for all passengers, and the ability to convert bench seating into a three section sofa put the idea of combining versatility with luxury over the top.

Keeping anyone entertained while on the road was a concern to GMC in addition to those of drivers. A 26-inch flat screen television and DVD player leave the options wide open for entertainment while in transit. The front-seat passengers can also maintain their focus on the road thanks to the inclusion of the wireless headphones for all passengers. USB inputs, built-in CD player, and the option for fully digital surround sound make the technology enthusiasts inside of everyone get extremely excited.

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