Conversion Van: The More Economical Choice

August 17th, 2011 by

Economical Conversion Van


In today’s economy those out to purchase a new or used vehicle must be aware of every money-saving possibility available. For those looking for a larger vehicle, many look to SUV’s, while not enough buyers look at, or are aware of the benefits of conversion vans.

Let’s talk quickly about why people buy larger vehicles to begin with. Most commonly it is because they have larger families, or at least two children. They frequently use this large vehicle for long trips and or vacations. Many times people look to them because of driver and passenger size. Many taller folks need to have the added head room!

So, let’s get down to business. SUV or conversion van? So with an SUV you generally get, seating for about seven with a very cramped three in the back row, possibly four wheel drive, maybe a sunroof,  possibly a rear back up camera, and navigation if you upgrade for it.

How about the conversion van? You get all of those features and more! With a conversion van you can have seating for up to fifteen, with plenty of room that every passenger is comfortable. All wheel drive. At least one sunroof based on brand and model. Navigation optional if you would like it as well as rear back up cameras! If you opt out of the back-up camera feature, you will always get the back-up sensors with beepers!

Now hold on, the list goes on! With a conversion van you also get, satellite radio, interior indirect lighting, overhead storage compartments, large flat screen TVs, DVD players, auxiliary ports for mp3 players and gaming systems, wireless headphones, and window shades!

Today when fuel consumption is a driving force in selecting the right vehicle for your family, rest assured that a conversion van gets the same, if not better gas mileage than an SUV, as well as the ability to tow! Now that you have seen a true comparison of the two, how could you NOT choose the conversion van?!?!

Take a look for yourself at At Dave Arbogast Van Depot, we have over forty new and used conversion vans in stock at all times from various manufacturers! We are the nation’s largest conversion van dealer offering the best selection and prices! If you have any questions or would like additional information, give one of our van specialists a call toll free at (888) 436-3216!

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