Conversion Van Themed Costumes Make for Great Dress-Up

October 29th, 2013 by

conversion van crewThis season, it’s tempting to be pulled into a drawn-out, involved costume involving a lot of time and expense, but sometimes it’s the simplicity of something like the conversion van themed  costume that pulls off the day in a way that’s memorable and easy.

In fact, some of your favorite pop culture characters had conversion vans.

Scooby Doo always makes a great costume, something easy to achieve with a conversion van themed costume, and also something classic, impressive, fun, and yet not full of worry or pulling out your hair. When in doubt, fall back on something that is sure to turn heads, ignite the imagination, and also be a quick fit, something you almost can throw on at the very last minute.

Cute, inspirational, and full of creative spark, conversion van themed costumes came into vogue in the late 1970s, replacing homemade makeshift wardrobes into polished costumes that represented kids’ dreams. Suddenly, dressing up like Batman or Superman or a member of the A-team was something to aspire to, master, share with others, and live. The distance thus became easy to remove from the loftiness of the archetypal hero: It was suddenly possible to be one, if only play at it for a night.

It’s hard to characterize which are best when it comes to conversion van themed costumes; they’re not a dime a dozen but neither are they identical, so it takes real imagination and discernment to figure out which to be. Teenage Ninja Turtles are a nice throwback to the early 90s, and they go nicely when dressed up with multiples: like as a team, with shields to boot. Disney’s “Cars” movie makes for great conversion van themed costumes, with everything from Lightning McQueen to Mater offered, and for a decent price as well–these are affordable costumes usually, and though they could lack imaginative flair, somehow they don’t. Anything that makes kids feel invincible when they don them goes nicely for a holiday about haunting the negative spirits that exist in the world with fun, fashion, imagination, and glitter.

Conversion van themed costumes, though they could appear overly pat or somehow too obvious, are just sometimes the exact right touch because kids tend to feel a connection to the power of the archetype itself–the might of Superman or the humor of McQueen. Kids feel they can put on some speed and go tearing around the neighborhood dressed for whatever it is that might tend to show up. What could be better than that?

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