Conversion Van Travel: Freedom, Spontaneity, and Savings

August 6th, 2015 by

Conversion Van Travel | Dave Arbogast

A conversion van gives you the freedom for short trip “staycations”, weekends away and extended travel. With domestic comforts in your van, you can to take to the road and enjoy spontaneity — or a planned itinerary.

Conversion Vans for Travel

Popular destinations include state parks, national forests, beaches, fishing spots, amusement parks and campgrounds. Take advantage of the savings of camping, compared to booking hotel rooms.

Excellent design features give you quality sound, unsurpassed ride, climate control, luxurious interiors and custom features. When you arrive for an event, you’ve got your room on wheels for resting, sleeping, eating, listening to music and surfing the web.

Destination Options From Nearby Parks to Across the Border

With your Conversion Van you’ll have more privacy and freedom than ever before when you travel. Depart and arrive at concerts, theme parks, nature sites and play areas with ease. When you’re ready to leave, turn the key in the ignition and go. No time-consuming breaking camp and packing up a tent and load of gear. Your bed is ready for you when you want it and many models have flexible seating arrangements to suit the number of passengers. Travel with family or friends and stop where you want.

Your van gives you access to remote areas filled with natural beauty, wildlife and peace. Bring food, water and supplies and get away from the crowds in your camper for a vacation you’ll always remember. Adventures become a way of life with these versatile vehicles. Unlike RVs, conversion vans are easy to park, simple to drive and relatively inexpensive to fuel and maintain.

Your conversion van can take to the road in areas that are hard to drive in a larger vehicle, such as winding coastal and mountain roads. You get full access to the US. Drive into Canada or Mexico, too. Your van has plenty of room for picking up souvenirs in the north or taking advantage of great weather south of the border. Park at sunny beaches for the day and starry campgrounds at night. Explore what Baja California has to offer. A conversion van gives you the features you want for the adventures of a lifetime.