Conversion Van? Try Conversion Truck!

July 6th, 2012 by

Lifted Conversion Trucks

Everyone knows how the vehicle conversion industry took off with the popularity of the custom van.

With intricately painted exteriors and lushly appointed interiors, these vans were more like rolling condominiums when first introduced.

With that said, these days the current trend is for buyers to apply these same options to other types of vehicles.

Say hello to the conversion truck.

A conversion truck is simply a stock factory truck that has been modified to add custom features to the exterior, interior or both. The trucks usually fall into the business class or class 8 categories. If a manufacturer does not offer the features a buyer wants, there are companies that add aftermarket options for them. When those features are added, the truck is a conversion truck.

The options available in the conversion truck market are extensive. On the exterior and under the hood, you can choose upgraded engines, ground effects, cab door additions, and extended beds. There are also custom flat beds and hauler beds with storage compartments. The trucks can be made to ride lower or taller. Accessories like snow plows, strobe lights, lighted grab handles, specialized running boards, towing packages, spray-on bed liners, and custom paint and trim can also be added. What the buyer ends up taking home may only vaguely resemble what was delivered from the original manufacturer.

Interior features personalize the truck for the buyer and are often all about comfort and convenience. Requested upgrades can include captain chairs, fold-out sofa beds, and whole vehicle entertainment systems with DVD players for the kids. Many also include coordinating upholstery and interior décor, including wood trim, custom leather seating, curtains, and specialized flooring that stays cleaner longer. Riding in a conversion truck is more like riding in a luxury vehicle than what many think of as a workhorse.

The companies who convert trucks are called upfitters. They install the upgrades and accessories that buyers want and manufacturers don’t offer. Since the conversion truck is a reflection of its owner, many buyers choose to completely customize their vehicles to suit their own tastes and needs.

Nothing better than having a vehicle which matches your exact needs, right?

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