Conversion Vans and Racing Fans: A Winning Combination

July 15th, 2014 by

It is clear that many racing fans travel from track to track during the season. You see their RVs on the highways and byways of America as you travel. You might want to travel to races, but you do not have the money to purchase a massive RV to travel in. You should consider what you can do with a conversion van if you are traveling to races.

Conversion Vans Are Fairly Large

An RV is much larger than a conversion van, but a conversion van is not small by any means. You can easily sleep two to three people in a conversion van. Also, a conversion van has space for entertainment such as a TV, DVD player, game system. Plus, the van already has a built-in radio. You can add your own CB radio to the van without taking up any sleeping space, and you can close up the van to sleep at night.

Conversion Vans Are Spacious During The Day

When you open the van during the day, you have much more space than you would in a car. You can sit on the back of the van while you are tailgating, or you can unload your grill and cooler from the top of the van. The interior of the van is meant for sleeping, but you can load your extra gear on top of the van. You are carrying all the same things an RV owner would carry, and you are not giving up sleeping space.

Conversion Vans Are Easy On Gas

RVs are notoriously hard on gas mileage. You could spend several hundred more dollars on a trip just in gas if you drive an RV. A conversion van does not have the greatest gas mileage, but the mileage is still better than an RV. You may not have the funds to purchase an RV, but you will save money during your travels when you are driving a conversion van.

They Are Easy To Drive

Some people fear driving an RV because it is akin to driving a bus. Also, some RVs require that you get a commercial driver’s license. If you do not want to go through all the hassle of getting a new license, you can drive a conversion van. Conversion vans are easier to control, take up much less room on the road and can be driven with your traditional driver’s license.

Take a trip to the infield at Talladega or Darlington in a conversion van your next time around. You will save money on the trip, find it much easier to drive there and still be able to bring all the things you need to enjoy the party in the infield.

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