Conversion Vans and the Outdoorsman

October 29th, 2013 by

When it comes to hunting and fishing, conversion vans offer one of the best ways to really enjoy hunting and fishing as a family. 

Basically, conversion vans offer the ultimate in travel comfort. They provide a way to keep the whole family entertained as well as of wide range of options being the perfect base camp. It turns outdoor time into family time.

With plenty of room for the family and gear, you can ride in comfort. The van behaves like a car so you can make good time on the highway, but the heavy duty chassis will help you explore off the beaten path. A bonus is that while the gas mileage is less than a car, it is much better than other types of RVs like motor homes.

One of the nice things about hitting the great outdoors in a van conversion is that you don’t have to leave the entertainment at home. You can outfit your van with the latest home entertainment system so that when the kids are done fishing, they can stay entertained before the lights go out at night. It’s also good for relieving boredom during those times when everyone needs to be inside.

A conversion van is an outdoorsman’s perfect base camp. With many different conversion options, a hunter and fisherman can choose the option they want based on how they will use the van while camping. They can run the gamut from something as simple as a bed or two or it can be a full Class B motorhome with beds, cooking facilities, refrigerator and even a bathroom.

With these range of options, it’s easy to see how a van conversion can be an awesome base camp. You can take the entire family out and the kids can sleep in the tent and you and the wife can stay inside the van for the night. You can pull up the van in a campsite and you can cook around the campfire while the wife is cooking the other dishes inside. Best of all, after a long day of hunting or fishing, there is nothing like being able to come back inside and warm up and enjoy a nice evening with the family’ where everyone is happy and comfortable.

Van conversions offer a great experience for outdoorsmen and their families. Great comfort, easy travel, good entertainment and a range of options all conspire to make a great recreational vehicle for hunting and fishing families.

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