Conversion Vans: Artwork on Wheels

February 7th, 2014 by

cool vansBefore the days of SUVs and compact cars, conversion vans appeared in the 1960s and 1970s to the delight of their fans. These vans were rectangular and bulky, and often outfitted with  pure paneling and no windows to be seen. Whether you are a fan of the vintage vehicles or craving a brand new conversion van, these transportation wonders reflect your personality and local culture through artwork and detailed interiors that compete easily with a standard apartment.

The Standard Conversion Van

Every van owner has a different perspective on their ride. Some owners see the ride as a piece of art, filling the interior with decorative furs and upholstery. Other people create a sleek interior and exterior to form a hot rod appearance. Overall, these vans are essentially miniature apartments on wheels. A small bed, sitting area and driver’s seat make up most of the interior. It is up to the owner to decorate it with a decor that stands the test of time.

A Mechanic’s Dream

Vintage vans use older engine technology, allowing owners to customize the ride to their desire. Because of the simple parts and owner expertise, many vans from the 1960s are still driving safely today. Parts are constantly changed or upgraded to keep the vehicle moving forward. The pride people take in their vehicles makes them a top priority for the owner and their family.

Creating A Community

With technology taking over social groups, the fact that conversion vans bring communities together is a comforting thought. Car clubs and families meet over weekends to praise and inspect various vans. Ideas are exchanged and problems are solved when van owners get together. A collective camaraderie makes these vehicles cool for any age group.

Customize Your Ride

Unlike cars and SUVs, conversion vans have a lot of exterior surface area for artistic expression. Add a mural to the side of the van to show your personality and interests. If you haul a surfboard, paint a gigantic wave across the side to show your passion for the ocean. Alternatively, create a band portrait if you are a musician, depicting life on the road as a rock-n-roll star. You can update the image as you please, allowing the paint to be fresh every few years.

The Modern Age

If you are in the market for a brand new conversion van, your options are endless. From color choices to engine selection, you can spend all day configuring your new ride. The interior can be customized, based on your personal needs. If you need a bracket assembly to hold several surfboards, for example, the dealer can make that happen. Owners that plan on camping a lot can have a luxurious bed installed, from a twin to a full size.

Safety is another key reason to buy a new conversion van. With high-tech brake systems and air bags, you and your passengers will be safe as you take on the open road.

Take a look at a vintage or new conversion van today to experience this unique world. A road trip may be on the horizon for you and your family

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