Conversion Vans Come Loaded With Electronics!

July 18th, 2011 by
Conversion Vans Electronics
One thing buyers always seem to enjoy about their conversion vans (besides the fuel economy and space) is the high tech, upscale electronics available. Between the TV’s, the wireless headsets, and the surround sound, conversion vans make you feel like you’re in a surround sound entertainment center, not just a vehicle.

The sky is truly the limit in a conversion van when it comes to electronics.

Back in the day, conversion vans had small tube TV’s, if any TV at all. Nowadays, most conversion vans are equipped with high definition LCD TV’s the likes of which you usually only see in people’s homes. Another standard amenity in conversion vans these days is high definition surround sound. This technology in a vehicle has completely changed how you view “on the go” entertainment. Not everyone wants to hear your music or video? That’s no problem at all! Wireless headsets in conversion vans give everyone their own option of entertainment.

Technology in conversion vans move far past entertainment. It also helps with safety and convenience.  Rear view backup cameras make it much easier to back out of tight spaces and sensors help you detect how close you are to another vehicle or object.

Conversion vans even improve one of the oldest and most beloved objects in a car – the radio. Touch screen monitors on the front panel make it easy to navigate between CD, Radio, auxiliary, and even navigation. All vans are XM satellite radio ready, a great alternative to normal radio, with fewer commercials and more of what you love.

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