Conversion Vans Have Come a Long Way…

April 11th, 2014 by

old conversion vanWhen you think about conversion vans, you might think back on the old vans from the 1970s. With that image in your mind, you might not be too receptive to the idea of investing in one of these vehicles, but you have to understand one thing: Conversion vans have come a long way. Banish the traditional image of these vehicles from your mind and take a look at the features of some of the newer vans; you might find that a conversion van is just what your family needs.

First of all, the overall appearance of these vans has really improved over the years. The newer models have a more streamlined appearance and have front-ends that resemble your favorite sports utility vehicles. They also come in more color options, so you can choose one that suits your tastes. Their spacious interiors also frequently include beautiful dashes and front displays that resemble some of the more luxurious vehicles that you see on the road. Chrome grills, interior wood accents and more also add that extra touch that you didn’t see in the conversion vans that were on the road when you were growing up.

Secondly, you just can’t beat some of the new improvements that have been made inside these vehicles. Not only do they provide ample space, but they’re also designed with the idea of comfort in mind. For example, many of these vans have climate control systems that allow those who are seated in the back to set their own heating and cooling settings; this helps ensure that everyone in the van is comfortable at all times. The seats typically move and recline to provide passengers of any size to get comfortable, and some models feature heated seats and other luxuries that add even more to the comfort level of the vehicle.

Plus, the entertainment in a good, newer conversion van is hard to beat. Many of them contain DVD players and television screens, so the entire family can watch their favorite movies and television shows while on the road, regardless of if your family is traveling across town or across the country. Newer models also often have top-notch stereo systems with CD players, jacks for your mp3 player and more. With speakers all throughout the van, the entire family can enjoy a rich sound.

If you’re still stuck on the image of the older conversion vans of the past, you should consider taking a look at some of the newer models that are on the road. Once your family takes a nice, newer-model conversion van for a test drive, you’re all sure to change your mind. Many of these vans feature luxuries that you can’t find in even the nicest of sedans and sports utility vehicles, so the entire family can ride in style.

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