Conversion Vans Make Great Towing Vehicles

August 5th, 2015 by

Conversion Van Tow Vehicle | Dave Arbogast

A conversion van is a highly functional vehicle that has a considerable amount of interior space. In many instances, the interior space is used for passenger seating, and some of these vans can accommodate as many as 12 or even 15 passengers. However, you may also be looking for a great vehicle to tow with, and you may be interested in towing a trailer behind your conversion van. Before you make this final decision, consider a few points.

The Maximum Tow Capacity
As is the case with any other type of vehicle, a conversion van has a maximum towing capacity. The towing capacity can vary considerably based on the type of engine and chassis that it is outfitted with. If you plan to tow anything with your conversion van, you will need to look for a model with a larger, more powerful engine and a heavy-duty chassis that can withstand the weight that you want to tow. Keep in mind that this will likely increase the cost of the vehicle. However, when you compare the other option, which would be to purchase a second vehicle only for towing purposes, investing in a more powerful conversion van may still be the best cost-effective option.

The Total Weight of the Vehicle
When you are trying to determine the weight of the vehicle in comparison to the maximum towing capacity, bear in mind that what you have loaded into the interior will also impact towing capacity. For example, if you have 12 or 15 grown men inside the vehicle while you are trying to tow a load, you may easily exceed the tow limit. Likewise, if you are using the interior of the van to tow heavy machinery, boxes or other items, you may also exceed the weight. Think about the total weight of the van after you have loaded with all of the intended items, and you can make a better determination about whether towing with a conversion van is a smart idea for your needs.

A conversion van is by all accounts a functional vehicle, and it has the ability to move people as well as cargo inside the cabin. In addition, adding a tow hitch to the rear of the van can facilitate towing for additional needs. Whether you plan to haul an open-air trailer, a boat or something else behind your conversion van, it is important that you initially invest in a van that is powerful enough to meet your needs. In addition, you should always pay attention to the combined weight of the loaded vehicle and trailer so that you avoid damaging the vehicle or injuring your passengers. By focusing on these points, you will be able to determine if this is the best vehicle option for your needs.

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