Conversion Vans Offer Comfortable and Luxurious Travels

March 28th, 2016 by


Conversion vans are terrific for large families or those who want to take frequent trips with many passengers. They come with seating for seven, nine or fifteen passengers depending on your needs. Large families who love to take long trips will find a conversion van is the best way to enjoy family road trips.

Road Trips

If you remember road trips growing up, they were often cramped, sweaty hours of aggravation. You might have been in the back with your siblings, but you could feel the annoyance of your parents from the front seat of the car. Everyone was uncomfortable. Kids were fighting, and your parents couldn’t wait to get to the destination. With a conversion van, everyone has their own extremely comfortable seats. The plush leather seats mean everyone has their own little pocket of comfort.

Weekend Getaway

On a weekend getaway with friends, nobody is left behind because they couldn’t fit in the car. GMC-Conversion-Van-Explorer-2016-Dave-Arbogast-3Whether it’s a bachelor or bachelorette party, golf weekend or concert in another state, all your friends can be included in the trip because they’ll all have comfortable seats. It has the added bonus of being a safe vehicle that’s easy to drive. There are dual frontal and side impact airbags as well as head curtain airbags. The conversion van also has key less entry with a panic button in case you end up in a neighborhood that isn’t safe. While you’re on the road, you can get roadside assistance and 4G Onstar as well as Bluetooth to contact help if you need it. These features are available on Chevy or GMC Conversion Vans.

Visiting Family with Family

Heading to Grandma’s house in another state has never been easier with a conversion van. The kids can enjoy an entertaining trip with the various games they brought with them, or they can watch the included HDTV to enjoy their favorite movie. Everyone can be comfortable and find joy in the trip instead of groaning for hours of boredom or being uncomfortable. There’s rear controls for the air, so the passengers can experience the air they need while the driver doesn’t have to worry about being blasted with heat.GMC-Conversion-Van-Explorer-2016-Dave-Arbogast-4

While conversion vans are great for trips, they’re perfect for large families that need the extra space on a daily basis. They’re easy to maneuver whether you’re on a highway or a narrow mountain road. They have a low profile, which means you won’t stick out in a parking lot or on the road compared to an RV or large SUV.







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