Conversion Vans Not Just For Soccer Moms.

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Not Just for Soccer Moms


Why drive a conversion van when an SUV is basically the same thing right? Wrong. This is the argument I kept having with my husband when he was trying to force me into driving a conversion van! I kept telling him that we only have one child right now, and there is no need for a ‘soccer mom van’ (no offense intended to all of the soccer mom’s out there)!

Here was my whole case against driving a conversion van, and here is every reason why I was wrong as well!

I thought they are way too big. I would never need that much interior space.

– I fill up the van on a regular basis with either people, out dogs, groceries, or just somehow manage to accumulate stuff! Not to mention how easy it was to change a diaper in and there was enough room that the baby wasn’t kicking the back of my seat!

I said there was no way that they have good enough visibility, and I wasn’t risking our safety in one.

– I was wrong. They are easier to see out of than most of the SUV’s I have driven. Not to mention they have rear back up cameras and some have side view cameras
as well.

I was convinced that it would drive like a tank and that the handling would be horrible.

– Believe it or not, it is a pleasure to drive. The suspension is superb, and the steering handles like a small SUV.

I told him that the TV and stuff was a waste, and we would never use it.

– Couldn’t have been more wrong there! We have a 2 year old. Need I say more?

I could continue, but that would give him more satisfaction than I would like! Needless to say, without saying I was wrong, I should have given it a chance sooner! (Then I wouldn’t sound like such a weirdo now!) It is truly an impressive vehicle and has so much more to offer than any SUV, and I have driven about every make and model of them on the road today! When it comes to a conversion van versus and SUV, it’s not hard to see the winner.

For road trips, lengthy drives, or even every day driving, a conversion van is the ultimate way to go. I will never drive anything else as long as I have kids. I will wait to have a two-seater convertible the day the last one is off to college! You have to truly give them a chance. Don’t be the awful skeptic that I was!

Come by the dealership and tell them that you want to prove ME wrong! You truly won’t believe me unless you have seen one up close and personal and driven one for yourself. Check out our website at for more info as well, and when you go to the dealership, tell them that Kim sent you : )


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