Conversion Vans vs. SUVs

June 29th, 2012 by

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SUVs are today’s family vehicles, but rather than buying another SUV for your next vehicle, consider a conversion van. Compared to SUVs, you have many more benefits with conversion vans, especially if you appreciate riding in luxury without feeling cramped. The conversion vans available today are more comfortable and luxurious than in the past, and they are safer than certain SUVs. That is why people are trading up from their old SUVs and buying conversion vans.


Older SUVs were noted for rolling over when they turned too quickly. This happened because the chassis had a high clearance off the ground. Vans are different, they are built low to the ground to make them more stable, without sacrificing space in the passenger cabin. Modern safety features like air bags are also included in these vans. So you can ride in comfort and feel safe about carrying your family in your van.


Modern conversion vans can have new media devices installed to make a trip in one a more enjoyable ride. DVD players, MP3 docks, LCD TV screens, and docking stations for gaming consoles turn the inside of the van into a living room, and like your living room at home, conversion vans have enough space in them for everyone to stretch out.


If you have a large family or just want ample room for everyone, a conversion van is your answer. SUVs may hold up to seven people, but up to 15 can ride in a van. Should you feel claustrophobic in an SUV, switch to a van, which allows most adults to stand upright without hitting the ceiling. While you may sacrifice passenger space for cargo storage in SUVs, the storage for conversion vans is on top, giving you and your passengers the greatest amount of space inside possible.


Conversion vans are useful for both long and short trips. For longer trips, they are ideal, because the amenities and comfort inside help to make the ride less taxing. The space available for both people and cargo leads many to use their conversion vans for road trips or camping. You can even find conversion vans that are specially designed to carry those with handicaps in the utmost comfort.

New and used conversion vans are available. When you are ready to trade in your cramped SUV, consider getting a conversion van for your next vehicle. The safety, technological amenities, space, and variety of uses make conversion vans the most comfortable vehicle option you can find.

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