Decisions: Choosing a Conversion Van Over a Large SUV

October 7th, 2013 by

purchasing a conversion van over an SUVNowadays, when people are looking into a spacious vehicle to purchase for their families, they’ll often look at a sports utility vehicle first.

And while there are definitely some great some great SUVs out there, it may be a good idea to also look at some other options.

One of those options is the conversion van. So why should once consider purchasing a conversion van over an SUV you ask?

Here are a few great reasons why it’s a better idea to purchase a conversion van instead of an SUV.

Better Gas Mileage

Let’s face it. Sports utility vehicles are known for being gas hogs. Even though some models have improved as far as gas mileage goes in recent years, they usually can’t beat conversion vans when it comes to fuel economy. In fact, conversion vans offer surprisingly good gas mileage despite their size.

Completely Versatile

Although sports utility vehicles can be appropriate for taking the family across town, they aren’t always comfortable enough for the entire family if you’re planning on making an extended haul. Conversion vans, however, are great for taking the family out and about around town or heading on a long road trip. All in all, conversion vans are incredibly versatile vehicles which are ideal for a variety of purposes.

More Interior Space

Even the largest of sports utility vehicles can’t  provide nearly as much space as your average conversion van does. These vehicles are great for those who have large families or who spend a lot of time in the car because they offer tons of space, which equals comfort when it comes to riding in the car.

More Comfortable to Get in and Out Of

Although some sports utility vehicles do have third row seating, it is usually pretty tricky to get in and out of these rows, especially for those who are taller than average or for small children. Conversion vans, however, have sliding doors that open up easily and make it a breeze for everyone to get in and out. They are also a lot easier to use if you need to load things into them.

Great Features

Many conversion vans have great features, such as built-in navigation systems, electrical outlets, climate control that works much better than the climate control in most vehicles, televisions and so much more. With all of these features, conversion vans really are designed to provide the entire family with plenty of comfort.

These are just a few reasons why conversion vans are a great option to consider if you are trying to decide between purchasing a van or a sports utility vehicle.

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