Enjoying the Winter in a Roadtrek Motorhome

January 26th, 2011 by

Winter Roadtrek


The snowplow just went by the house again, and I see that another snowstorm is headed toward the East Coast, threatening Boston and New York with 10 inches of new snow.

It’s been some winter, hasn’t it? Amid local forecasts for a “dry, cold winter”, well, they got the cold part right. While there haven’t been any 10-12 inch snowfalls, it seems like it snows every other day, and I haven’t seen my parking lot since shortly after Thanksgiving.

Roadtrek Class B Motorhome owners don’t really care because they know that better days are ahead, with warm temperatures and dry roads, perfect traveling conditions.

I have been told that some owners even go out and sit in their Roadtreks while they are parked in the driveway. It’s a way of beating the winter blahs, I guess, and reminding themselves of the fun that awaits them once the weather breaks.

Who could blame them? The Roadtrek has all the comforts of home, kitchen, shower, bathroom, lounge area and entertainment center. It’s the easiest of Class B Camper to drive in heavy traffic, and parking is a breeze with the Roadtrek because of its smaller size.

So it’s a great travel vehicle and family camper. But the Roadtrek is so much more. It can be the second family vehicle. Take it to the store or to the high school basketball game. Park in a car-sized parking space. You can’t even think about that with larger motor homes or an RV. It’s easy with a Roadtrek.

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