Entertainment for your Conversion Van: X-Box One vs. Playstation 4

March 13th, 2014 by

Entertainment for your Conversion VanThe new generation of video game consoles have come – and like always – we’re consistently looking at some of the subtle differences between the two. This time around, it seems as if there are pretty significant pros and cons of each, making the choice a bit easier to make in the minds of many.

However, this may be a bit more difficult choice to make if you’re planning on using yours primarily in a conversion van. Here, we’ll assist you in choosing a good console for your van, laying out the pros and cons for those pining for long trips.

Don’t worry; we’re fans of both consoles, so you’re going to get a truly unbiased opinion here.

The Xbox One: The Skinny

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Xbox One is that it’s a more expensive console, coming in at $100 more than its rival. Unfortunately, it’s also a less powerful console in just about every sense of the word. While neither of these are deal breakers, you will find the fact that the Xbox One is significantly larger than the PS4, something especially worth noting considering the close quarters of a conversion van.

At current, early adopters of the Xbox One have cited that they have more noteworthy exclusives made by first party developers. This is an important caveat; the PS4 assuredly has more games than the Xbox One, but there’s a good chance that you may simply have more fun playing games made by foremost developers than those made by smaller development teams.

Furthermore, a great deal of games for the PlayStation 4 require an Internet connection to either play or download. However, the Xbox One does require a mandatory day one update download.

The PlayStation 4: The Skinny

On the other side of the coin, the PlayStation 4 offers a multitude of things that you’re not going to get from Microsoft. As stated, it’s a more powerful machine, meaning that you’re going to get better graphics and better frame rates on virtually every game that you play. Secondarily – while it’s advised – you don’t seem to be as forced to sign up for PlayStation Plus – Sony’s answer to Xbox Live. For example, provided you have a semi-reliable Internet connection, you can watch Netflix on PS4 without a Plus subscription.

The Playstation 4 is also considered to be the more sturdy console of the two, though the controllers are a different story. While the Dual Shock 4 has been heralded as a controller in terms of feel and amenities, it doesn’t seem to be able to handle the beating that the Xbox One controller can. The PS4 controller is also about $25 more, to boot.

All in all, both of these consoles are extremely fun to play, conversion van or not. At this point of the console race, it’s all about a matter of preference, especially when you consider the fact that they have the same games – save a few exclusives. Still, this is an important factor and should be thoroughly investigated. That said, if you’re looking to travel long distances, it may also boil down to which one combines structural integrity and fun. Both can provide these in their own ways

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