Escaping the Winter Blues with a Conversion Van Golf Trip

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Golf Trip Conversion Van


The crowd is quiet as you step up to the tee. You place your feet just so and look at the tiny white ball. Consulting with your caddy, you pick just the right club for the situation. The green is many yards distance, straight from the fairway and over the water hazard. You feel the golf club in your hand, take a swing and hit the ball. It flies in to the warm blue sky, over the hazard and down the fairway. It hits the green with a far off thump and rolls. The small white ball seems to break right for a second and then veers straight in to the hole. It is a hole in one! You raise your arms in victory, feeling the warm sun on your arms and

Wake up. It must be 20 degrees outside and thirty inside. The heater doesn’t seem to be working and your spouse is right up against you for warmth. You can see your breath in the air as you get out of bed, feeling the cold floor through your comfortable socks. This winter is hard and you think it is time to travel south and find that ultimate golf course.

The plan

The goal is to get out-of-town for the winter and find the warmest spots to golf. This trip is about following our heart while traveling around the USA and avoiding the cold weather. This means sticking to the southern states. Places like Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico all have good golf. However, the best golf destination is Florida. In that state, you will be able to barbecue outside on Christmas day and hit the links on New Years. You want to wear shorts while driving and maybe even have to turn on the air conditioner for a spell. This is dream can be a reality if you want to make it so.

Traveling to Florida

There are many southern and southwestern states with a great set of golf links. California has the famed Pebble Beach course, the place of many victories of well-known golf professionals. Every Arizona town seems to have a golf course. Texas has course with a Texmex flavor. However, Florida is the key and the state with the best weather and the best golf courses in the nation. Florida offers up the Sawgrass at Ponte Verde Beach, which is great course in a warm environment. World Woods in Brooksville is a must play course as well. In Florida, you can stay in the city, spend a little money at the fabulous restaurants, and golf away the afternoon.

How should you travel?

Leaving for the winter is a time-honored tradition. Many people choose huge recreational vehicles that are expensive to maintain. While that is a great choice for some, others want the comfort of home without high maintenance fees. A conversion van is a great choice for any golf trip. There is enough room for multiple people to feel comfortable while traveling.

The right van for the right person

There isn’t just one type of conversion van. Every conversion van can be outfitted for your specific needs. What luxurious amenities do you want in the van? Do you need a bed for you and your spouse? Do you want a place to eat while on the road?  A conversion van also has plenty of storage to stow golf clubs, bags, equipment, and the various items that will be picked up on a long trip.

Make the dream a reality

The wintertime doesn’t have to be full of cold wet weather, dark days, and a blue spirit. Experience the joy of golfing in the warm sun while traveling across the nation. Fight your blues with this trip and stay comfortable by traveling in a conversion van. Plan a detailed trip with stops at specific destinations and visit the famous courses in Florida. Alternatively, go off the beaten path and look for lesser-known golf destinations with holes that might surprise you. Feed your golfing passion and while traveling in comfort across the nation. This is the best way to explore this country in luxurious style.

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