Explorer Conversion Vans – New Additions and Improvements

August 8th, 2013 by

explorer conversion vansCurious as to what some of the new additions were to Explorer’s 2013 conversion vans?

The Explorer Conversion Van has maintained its lead in this market of vehicles by constantly updating its features, refining its automotive engineering, and shaping each new model based on the feedback of their customers.

The latest additions and improvements to hit the market are no different. Customers still have access to all the great features that they know and love in addition to new and unexpected ones that offer both value and convenience. The first major selling point is the fact that each buyer can create a custom van that is suited for their needs. Rather than be stuck with an entire package that only meets some of their needs, people can customize the conversion van in order to get the features they want without artificially raising the bottom-line price. In addition to keeping customers happy by offering them freedom in buying choices, the conversion van delivers freedom on the road by incorporating reliable and efficient automotive technology.

The all-new Explorer Vans open people’s eyes to a vast world of driving pleasures by upgrading nearly every facet of their design. The Explorer’s new engine boasts of 310 horsepower made possible by the Vortec engine that puts out 325 foot-pounds of torque. This power does not come at the expense of gas mileage, however. This powerful but sensible vehicle still achieves 20 mpg on the highway. Buyers have gravitated towards the Explorer Conversion Van in the past due to its ample amount of space as well. The new models rolling off the line give drivers 36 percent more space than your average vehicle geared towards the designs based on SUVs. This extra space is expertly incorporated into the interior design, while only expanding the traditional conversion van base by no more than a few inches.

Just because you are behind the wheel of a conversion van does not mean that your towing capability is limited either. These new models are designed for the purposes of allowing you and your entire family to reach your travel destination with all of your toys and gear in tow. The latest Explorer hauls 6,300 pounds and accommodates seven passengers. In addition to seating people comfortably, these new conversion vans pride themselves on being the standard of luxury as well. Leather seating gently welcomes you into its space while settings for ambient lighting gently relax you for the ride ahead. The electronics meant to pamper passengers also offer safety and convenience for the driver. The in-dash navigation system, StabiliTrak, and a rear-backing camera merely scratch the surface of the amenities hidden under this stylish van’s belt. The dream does not end there. Customization and additions can satisfy every member of the family, including the furry ones. From saddle racks to tailgating and dog kennel equipment built right in, Explorer makes the ideal an automotive reality.

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