Fall is Here… Time to Get Your Conversion Van Ready!

August 27th, 2013 by

Conversion vans are great for a lot of reasons.

Aside from comfortable and luxurious transportation, conversion vans make many other fun activities possible. Think about it. There is a reason why van owners are often considered van owners for life.

It’s because people LOVE them!

With that said, fall is here, and with it comes a variety of new opportunities. Summer heat is fading, but the weather is still too nice to sit at home waiting for winter. It’s time to get your conversion van ready for some fall excitement. Here are a few ideas to help you kick off your fall.


Fall brings football games to high schools, colleges, and professional arenas across the country. Tailgating has a long tradition at football games everywhere, and a conversion van is the perfect vehicle for tailgating. Load up a cooler and a portable grill, a few camp chairs, and some seasonal attire and a blanket, and you are ready for fall tailgating.


Camping is a great pastime, whether solo or with family or friends. Camping provides an opportunity to relax and unwind from life’s stresses in a simple, natural environment. Let’s face it though, sleeping on the ground can get old. Conversion van owners have the best of both worlds when they go camping. There is no need to sleep on the ground when you have a dry, comfortable bed in your van. There’s also no need to worry about the hassle of a full-size RV for a weekend getaway when a conversion van can provide plenty of comfort.


Fall fishing trips are an enjoyable activity for many anglers. A conversion van allows you to travel and relax in style. There is no need to worry about expensive hotels or sleeping on the cold ground in a tent when you bring a conversion van. Bring along a grill and a cooler and you have everything you need for supper at the van after a day on the lake or river.

Road tripping

The lure of the open road calls out to many of us, and fall is a wonderful time to hit the road for a new adventure. Conversion vans are the perfect road trip vehicle. Travel in comfort and style, while being free to stop for a comfortable rest or nap whenever the urge strikes. Bring along some gear and camp in the van during a multi-day road trip. If your conversion van is set up with a stove you can even cook your own meals as you travel.

Get Your Conversion Van Ready

Whatever your favorite van pastime, fall is a great time to get out for a new adventure. It’s time to get your conversion van ready to make some new memories.

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